Xiomara Castro, LA PRENSA Person of the Year 2022

Xiomara Castro, LA PRENSA Person of the Year 2022

The first female president in the political history of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, It is the character of the year 2022, according to a survey conducted by it LA PRENSA newspaper on their digital platforms.

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1. Xiomara Castro, who suppose Presidency of Honduras Since January 27, 2022, the followers of this newspaper have chosen it with 4,578 votes, which is 51.20% of the total poll.

2. Shin Fujiyama He finished second with 3,032 votes (33.91%). The Honduran-based Japanese influencer promotes the building of social businesses and schools in popular areas of Honduras, as well as featuring his charisma in his vlogs.

3. Ronald Quinterowho stands out on the list for being the first Honduran to climb Mount Everest, came in third place, with a total of 420 votes (4.70%).

four. Cecia Sainz He achieved fourth place with 356 votes (3.98%). The Honduran singer who triumphed at La Academia and who has become one of the most important figures in the national entertainment and art scene. Much of the country was waiting for his participation and consequent victory on the Mexican TV show.

5. Peter Truglio Creditor was fifth with 205 votes (2.29%). The Argentine coach Olimpia, the Honduran club that lifted its international title CONCACAF Federation On the soil of Costa Rica against the Alajuelense Sports League team which also won the local championship in December 2022.

6. Maria Elena Botazzi He remained in sixth place with 162 votes (1.81%). The Honduran scientist continues to raise the name of Honduras in the field of science through her research. Botazzi has boosted scientific efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, including creating a vaccine. She has also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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7. Mauricio Dupont, a Honduran Major League baseball player, became the first Honduran MLB champion with the Houston Astros. Diario LA PRENSA’s audience placed him in seventh place in the poll, with 104 votes (1.16%).

8. Beatrice Valle She managed to finish 8th in the voting with 48 votes (0.54%). Valli gained prominence as a representative of the Lieber party at the beginning of the year, when she was one of the faces promoting the parallel board of directors in the National Congress. Since then, his statements have continued to make an impression on the national political spectrum.

9. Teofimo Lopez He came in the ninth and last place of the poll, with 36 votes (0.40%). the American born boxerbut of Honduran descent, continues to enrich his international sports career and waves the Honduran flag in his fights.

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