Yalitza Aparicio teaches us how to wear elephant leg pants to look tall and well-groomed

Yalitza Aparicio teaches us how to wear elephant leg pants to look tall and well-groomed

Yalitza Aparicio Leaving us in love with her new look, the Mexican actress gave a lot to talk about by raising her voice and supporting other women. On this occasion, Yally inspires us with her fashion and we can’t miss this unforgettable moment that the Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca native shared with us on Instagram.

hey He was wearing elephant pants Which epitomizes her figure, in the photo we can see the trick the Mexican does to look taller with all her clothes on. Aparicio wore a monochromatic look in black that she paired with a white Prada bag.

Photo: Instagram

The Roma actress joked a little with the effect of her cell phone camera, increasing her by a few more centimeters, although today’s look also helped her look stunning in the frame.

“But what magic is this! I’m only 1.48 meters tall…camera effects,” Yali joked.

How to wear the Yalitza Aparicio Elephant Leg Pants?

Not only did Yale join the elephant pants trend, but Michelle Salas, J Lo and even Dana Paula opted for this style, as it elongates the legs and slims the figure. That is why here we give you some tips so that you can use this type of clothing and get the most out of it.

1.- Use a monochrome look

2.- You can combine it with platform shoes, it will give you that elegant touch and give you more height.

3.- We suggest that the pants have prints such as flowers, vertical stripes and checkers.

Be bold and get inspired by Yalitza Aparicio’s outfit for your next spring look, because we assure you you’ll love the Elephant Leg Pants, as they make you special and elongate your legs.

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