Yant Garcia conquers hearts with her beauty on Instagram

Yant Garcia conquers hearts with her beauty on Instagram

Yanette Garcia He has shown the results of his hard physical training which gives him one of the best legs on the continent. “Discipline” was the only word the 30-year-old Mexican TV presenter and host chose to convey her motivational message on social media.

Previously, Yant He posted a photo with another thoughtful caption: “They say that when a loser sees a winner they get envy. But instead, when a winner sees a winner, they are inspired. If you want to go far, develop a winning mentality. Winners don’t talk about Gossip, they talk about projects, they talk about dreams. They don’t judge people by their looks but by their essence. They don’t look at clothes, they look at behavior. When a loser loses he says: I’m not lucky, I think it’s not for me “When a winner loses, he says: I will try again, I will prepare more, I will win.” When the winner sees another winner he says, “Thank you for showing me the way, if he can, I can too.”


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