Yasiel Puig made a massive home robbery with El guila de Veracruz

Yasiel Puig made a massive home robbery with El guila de Veracruz

cuban from Veracruz eagleAnd the Yasel BouyguesShine on this massive Friday moving Defensively on the field and shows the wonderful moment he is going through in the 2021 season in the United States Mexican League from baseball (LMB), which is his first appearance in the summer ring.

By playing between Veracruz eagle and black yucatan, Yasel Bouygues Show why he signed up to play in Mexican League from baseball And accept what could be moving defensive for 2021 In this league, he steals a run from his opponent.

Puig Have a good week with eagle On the LMB 2021 And not only did he run at home, on this Friday after a blow by the Lions that could easily lead to a 7-0 match situation, the experienced Cuban flew in the major leagues as ‘Superman’ and put on a superb performance. moving Home robbery in the prairie.

Here is the play:

“El Caballo Loco” with this play in the third inning should have filled with confidence no doubt. Veracruz eagle And the The same who fell at home, but he made an extraordinary hunt to make it clear that his actions in LMB 2021 It can be a stepping stone to your return to Major League Baseball.

In addition, he has six home runs and surpassed 0.300 in his first season in Mexican League from baseballAnd the Yasel Bouygues He shows that he can also defend and a vivid example is this massive hunt that he gave us against lions.

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