Yesenia Igli: “The possibility of Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or the NBA in El Salvador is on our table”

Yesenia Igli: “The possibility of Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or the NBA in El Salvador is on our table”

Yesenia Egli, who organized Messi's arrival in the country, spoke of more sporting events in the future.

CEO of Meta Show Entertainment – ​​the company responsible for the La Selecta vs. Inter Miami- Yesenia Igli confirmed that “it is on the company’s table to bring another major sporting event to El Salvador. When Cancha asked her what the events could be, she pointed out that “Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, teams from Mexico. “There are a variety of big sports, you can also include the NBA,” he said.

For Friday, Egli explained that in addition to the game, “there will be early family activities that our sponsors have made available to us. “There will be an opening, a lot of great experiences, and that’s why families should come early,” he explained.

“We would all like Zelaya to be there against Inter Miami,” said a Cuscatlán staffer.
On the other hand, “For security reasons, we have, in cooperation with the authorities, prepared a special device for transporting from the airport to the host hotel, as well as for transporting the stadium.”
When asked by Cancha, he did not provide details about the arrival of the MLS team and Messi in the country: “We cannot say on what day Inter will arrive in the country for security reasons.”

He explained: “On Friday, we will welcome world champion Leo Messi and his friends, the entire Inter Miami team. The doors open at 12 noon. There will be no parking, and everything will be closed for security reasons.”

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