Yordi Rosado reveals how much he earned as a presenter on “Otro Rollo” | News from Mexico

Yordi Rosado reveals how much he earned as a presenter on “Otro Rollo” |  News from Mexico

Mexico City. – yordi rosado He is a well-known driver who has gained fame among new generations thanks to social networks, although most people know him through the various programs that were broadcast on open television, such as “Otro Rollo” hosted by him and edited by Ramones. This broadcast ran for 12 years and was one of the most successful shows in Televisa.

During an interview on the podcast “El Frasco” of Mao Nieto and Roman Torres, the radio presenter recalled this time in his life and admitted the amount he earned while as a driver Televisa. As Rosado explained, I wasn’t paid badly, but not everyone was paid the same.

It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t good either, we didn’t all earn the same, I earned 140,000 pesos a month for Otro Rollo.”

yordi rosado make it clear He didn’t always enjoy this salaryOr because at the beginning of broadcasting he made less money, it was there when he compared his salary in those days to what he earns now thanks to the various digital platforms on which he shares content, such as YouTube.

Similarly, the broadcaster clarified that the majority of influencers are currently or Digital content creators make more money than one would expectA, even when he was at the height of success thanks to “Another Rollo”, he even mentioned some great celebrity names who are now famous for their talents as drivers, but now it’s all in the past because of social networks.

“I think some – YouTubers – earn more than the top drivers at the time earned; for example, Veronica Castro, Adal himself, Marco Antonio Regel … those salaries are no longer there, as they exist in digital form,” he commented.

Despite the fact that the interview for the podcast was published in September 2020, for some reason users saved the information and there wereThey expressed the presence of many “humans” who would like to receive this monthly salaryThis highlights the difficulty of living on the minimum wage in Mexico despite the presence of large studios.

On the other hand, some fans of Mao and Roman expressed great pleasure for the Mexican driver to attend his show, as he invited them to talk more. This made the viewers laugh as they thought that the people being interviewed now were themselves and not their special guest. Many praised Yordi Rosado’s talent and wrote about how much they appreciated his work.

“The first time Roman and Mao were guests at El Frasco, they got to know each other better. Yordi is the best driver,” “Here we basically see Yordi teaching these vatos,” “Wherever Yordi is invited, I always surprises ( …) He’s a driver, broadcaster, writer, producer, he’s a great guy “,” I just spent two hours making sure that Jordi is a great driver “,” Jordi is an excellent driver, he does not have a masculine mentality, has maturity on another level, very interesting talk Some comments were made on the video.

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