Yvan Fournier serves easily with Knicks and Thibodeau

Yvan Fournier serves easily with Knicks and Thibodeau

The Yvan Fournier case remains unsolved. After seeing him sit out last year for more than half the season after starting as a starter for the New York Knicks, he himself admitted he would be very surprised to start the 2023-24 campaign in the Big Apple. However, we are already on July 18th; That means he’s passed both the draft and the free agency opening, and is still right where he was, in the New York franchise, even though he’s looking for a transfer.

With such a scenario, the French striker gave an interview to Jan Onona of L’Equipe who did not bite the tongue. For starters, it shows just how bad Green’s condition was suddenly out of the spin.

“You want to spit on everyone. You feel hate. Derrick Rose and I looked at each other and said, ‘What the hell are we doing here?’ During five-on-five rehearsals, we were next to the starters. They were clearly not great. I took things more slowly. I focused on myself and didn’t let the rest get to me anymore.”

If there is another hero in this story, it is Tom Thibodeau. The coach, who seemed to trust his protégé October, abruptly shunned him. Fournier has no kind words for him.

“I have nothing to say because I have nothing to do with it. When he pulled me off the starter five he just told me he was going to try something else. Then, before the first game on a road trip, Lee announced he was leaving center rotation W.J Goodbyehe explains.

commercial value

If there is something that surprises the French player about what happened with his case, it is that he is still on the team. He himself understands that at the moment when they decided to separate him, he had much more value than now. He simply thinks that management made a mistake in looking for a solution.

If you wanted to exchange me for a good reward, why didn’t you use me? He was coming off a season having the fourth-best three-point shooting in the league. Why not take advantage of it? Now they won’t get anything interesting and that’s normal because I couldn’t show anything from my game on the field.”

Stay with Nix

At this point in the movie, it seems hard for us to see a quick exit from Fournier. With a long-term contract expiring in twelve months, he’d be a useful salary-matching piece in any major trade, so the Knicks will presumably be reluctant to cut him if such a deal doesn’t materialize before the season begins. How does the Frenchman see his potential continuation in the team? “If I stay, it will be a sporting disaster for my career, for everything. A year without playing, I can handle. Two.. that would be terrible.”

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