Yvonne Montero explains why Maribelly Rivera didn't win La Casa de los Famosos 4

Yvonne Montero explains why Maribelly Rivera didn't win La Casa de los Famosos 4

And it's no secret Maribelli Rivera It has become one of the most controversial “Celebrity House 4”Due to her strong personality she connected with a large part of the audience, but she also received criticism from others, such as Yvonne Montero, who won the second season of the reality show on the Telemundo network.

The Mexican actress believes that the Puerto Rican should not take the bag, because she considers that what she showed in the competition is not ideal for the public.

During a recent broadcast on Instagram, Yvonne Montero explained her reasons, especially after spending months on the program.

“I think he will reach the final, I'm sure he will, but it takes a lot of work for these types of characters,” he said.

Then, he pointed out: “A little bit also the character of Christina, that they both have very valuable things, and it is clear that they are empowered women, they are strong women, who have a lot of strength to speak up, to make decisions, who have courage, who stand up for themselves and the rest. But they have a high degree, in my view, of fanaticism, little patience, and become conflicted. This question that is annoying to me is, “This is who I am and you have to put up with me this way.” Well, yes, but if the person is in that situation, the person in front of them can also say, “Okay, yeah, well that's who I am,” too. Or this is me too and you have to put up with me this way.”

Yvonne Montero showed her support for Rodrigo Rome, Maribelli's partner on the reality show. He even asked to be voted out so he wouldn't leave the reality show.

He said on social media: “Come on, my beautiful people, let us gather our votes, huge votes for Rodrigo Romeh, so that he stays in the race, until he reaches the final and wins.”

One thing that stood out was the education and horsemanship of the Mexican, who also managed to conquer a large part of the crowd and for this reason emerges as a strong contender to win the purse worth $200,000.

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