Zulus vs Lyon (2-0) Round 6 Liga MX; Summary and objectives

Zulus vs Lyon (2-0) Round 6 Liga MX;  Summary and objectives

Tijuana /

The exhibition sleeping. The defending hero Mexican football Still faltering in this first third of Guard1anes 2021. Now, it was Just Those who were responsible for Esmeralda’s pass in a match with goals Mauro Manotas s Fabian CastilloAl-Hodoud Square won a 2-0 victory and the three points.

With five minutes on the scoreboard, those who lead Pablo Guidi Surprised with the annotation. Andres Mosquera refused a competing position, and the ball was recovered by the locals for a theatrical re-arming in it Fidel Martinez He tries to enter the networks before the departure of Alfonso Blanco. The goalkeeper rejects the cats, Martinez took them again and served as a position to identify the Manotas head.

Already with 1-0, Just Breathe, and play a match of despair for the opponent who failed to identify. Feelings were preserved until the final stage of the match.

The last ten minutes were being played when the Frontiers team lost to Miguel Sansores, The player was sent off for an accurate foul Jaime Barreiro. With one man too much, the beast turned to the attack.

Tension prompted the Tijuana fans to demand the end of the match. They remained on the edge of the chair with an impressive save by Jonathan Orozco, and the goalkeeper managed to avoid the equalizer after a shot from Emmanuel Gigliotti. The Emerald attack continued with a shot from Angel Mina that passed over the arc.

In the face of the ongoing siege of LionAnd the Just Delivered to his area. A corner kick gave them the opportunity to counter attack at full speed Fabian Castillo To the area, marked Santiago Colombato And out of white To sweep it away, the Colombian released the two and sent the ball down the net. The sentence was defined with 2-0.

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However, the Where Request review by Jorge Antonio Perez Duran To make a possible mistake Fernando Navarro In the area while collecting a corner kick, and after five minutes of review, the referee found no arguments to overturn the result of hudud and victory Just 2-0 and falls asleep at the top of the tournament with 12 points.

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