Amico: Nine fast dribbles on the Celtics

Isaiah Thomas' physical with the Cavs is going to be immense.

Quick random dribbles on the Celtics and their playoff dreams.

1. A number of things can still happen with the Celtics (43-31). They currently sit in fifth place in the East — a half-game behind the Heat, a half-game ahead of the Hornets.

2. I don’t suspect the Celtics will catch the Hawks for the third seed. But fact is, the C’s are only 1.5 games behind Atlanta.

3. This is still a growing season, a season to improve, a season to try take the next step in the playoff process and get to the conference semifinals. But I don’t think the Celtics will beat the Heat without home-court advantage in the first round. That’s why these next two weeks are vital.

4. The bad news? The Celtics remain out West after getting manhandled by the Clippers on Monday. Their next two games are at the Trail Blazers and at (gasp) the Warriors. The trip ends Sunday back in LA vs. the Lakers.

5. Man, I sure miss those Sunday afternoon games of my youth between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Now, we get Jonas Jerebko and Roy Hibbert.

6. I take that back. The Celtics are actually a throwback, playing with their raw determination and commitment to ball movement and defense under Brad Stevens. They’re a pleasure to watch for any true basketball fan. As for the Lakers.

7. Interestingly, the Celtics’ final three games: At the Hawks, then home vs. the Hornets and Heat. The playoffs, clearly, have already begun.

8. Former Celtics and current Clippers forward Paul Pierce said he has no doubt the Celtics can sign a “big name” free agent. “It’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen,” he told “Even though it hasn’t. … And Kevin Durant could be the first one, who knows?”

9. The Celtics reportedly offered a “low-ball” package for Cavaliers forward Kevin Love at the trade deadline. ESPN also predicted someone (perhaps the Celtics) will again offer the Cavs a trade for Love around the time of the draft.