Fortaleza crushes Boca Juniors in Copa Sudamericana with duo of Pikachu and former Liga MX (VIDEO) – Fox Sports

Fortaleza crushes Boca Juniors in Copa Sudamericana with duo of Pikachu and former Liga MX (VIDEO) – Fox Sports

Strength Dropped this Thursday Boca Juniors4-2, with two goals from Argentina Juan Martin Lucero And three assists from his teammate Thomas Pochettino That puts Brazil at the top of Group D with complete wins South American Cup.

The xeneize painting dissolved like a sugar cube Castelao ArenaHe only stood up in the first half and fell asleep in the second, conceding an incongruous defeat to the six-time champion. Liberators.

bright star Open the can for lions Miguel Merendiel Left everything as it was, but Fortaleza unleashed himself with goals after the break bright starAgain, two more Yago is Pikachu. Special mention also to Pochettino who contributed three assists.

the mouth By creating the result in the final part of the match Kevin Shannon.

Creation Buenos Aires This defeat is complicated by the fact that they are in second place with four points, less than Strength.

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Sportivo Trinidad tightens the group

In another match of the group, Sportivo Trinidad Paraguay won 2-0 to collect the first three points Potosi National Bolivian, last one.

In South American Only the first place goes directly to the round of 16, while the second group is forced to play for qualification in the previous eliminator against the third party in the group stage. Libertadores Cup.

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Tonight could not have started better for the Argentina led side Juan Pablo Vojvoda.

This is how Fortaleza beat Boca Juniors

The fifth minute did not pass, when the defense the mouth hesitate, Figure He made a mess and gave the ball away PochettinoWho quickly put a pass in space bright star.

Argentina, ex Tijuana Xolos In Liga MXDefined before entering and leaving the area Sergio Romero.

The party seemed to fall after the fifteenth minute as the Xeneize team regrouped and began to grow despite an improved line of pressure from the locals.

He had to push a bit to find the tie. Play in between Langoni And SaraleguiCenter and first time shot MerentielAn old acquaintance of Brazilian football Palmeiras.

All things being equal, Strength He chose a flash Yago is PikachuThe team's standard bearer, capable of playing as winger, winger, midfielder and forward, whatever they throw at him.

He was about to put the lions in front again. Fabra And Langoni They also kept the comeback target very close the mouth.

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Lucero and Pikachu determined victory

Strength After the break he got serious again. Zé Velison He first warned with a gunshot from a distance, and then the tornado erupted.

Lucero scored the second in a set taken Pochettino. Everyone thought he was going to cross from long range, but he put the ball gently at the top of the area to head the 9 shirt.

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Pochettino He also attended as Chief Minister PikachuThe one who finished Romero with almost no angle.

And the second from the side is still missing, on his chest, by choice, after a defective center Machuca That passed RosemaryWho didn't have his best night. Geno A disappointing 4-2 win for Boca in the final minutes on Brazilian soil.

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