Edmondo González, anti-Maduro candidate in Venezuela: “We are not enemies of the regime, we are enemies”

Edmondo González, anti-Maduro candidate in Venezuela: “We are not enemies of the regime, we are enemies”
Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia

Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia He has been an unknown celebrity for the Venezuelan opposition's presidential candidate: a diplomat by profession and now the opposition leader's ambassador. Maria Corina Machadofacing Nicolás Maduro On July 28″A peaceful transition”.

Gonzalez, 74, is running for elected office for the first time AFP It assumes “Challenge“without”Personal aspirations”.

I never thought I would get to this point.”, the career diplomat, who was ambassador to Algeria and Argentina, admitted in a slow tone. “This is my contribution to the cause of democracy… “I do this with detachment as a contribution to unity.”

It is time for the people of Venezuela to achieve a peaceful democratic transition”, he adds.

Although he insists his participation in the opposition forces is long-term, González has remained in the shadows until now.

His candidacy was initially tentative, pending an opposition coalition Democratic United Platform (PUD), united the 10 main anti-Chavismo parties and defined a name to represent the disqualified. Machado After the veto Corina YorisYour first choice.

Maria Corina Machado with Corina Yoris (REUTERS/Gaby Oraa)

The PUD decided to endorse his candidacy on April 19 and he suddenly became the opposition candidate, albeit without losing his low profile.

“I said when it was proposed to me that if the position was unanimous with the unanimous support of all political forces, I would definitely accept it. It was so”.

Afraid to face the government? “Not fear, but reservation because of the enormous responsibility involved.. We are at a time when this regime is not playing well for us. For them we are not enemies, but enemies.

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They are situations that life presents you with“, he says, but “it succumbs to the challenge before us”. The “Venezuela hysteria, political rhetoric, conflict” that has characterized 25 years of Chavista governments must be set aside.

He says he has a “fluid relationship” with MachadoFavorite in the polls but kept out of the process due to political disqualification.

I am not a candidate for Maria Corina, I am a candidate for the unit“Nevertheless”The head of this unitary process is María Corina Machado Behind her will be all of us Venezuelans who hope for peace and change through electoral processes.

Gonzalez, in fact, explains that Machado will be the visible face of the campaign, which began months ago with tours across the country. “If possible,” says the candidate, “I'll engage in some other activity with her.”

Can Machado transfer the high opinion of the votes he has? “Some of this is already reflected in the polls” and “it will increase.” “Everyone is working together “We have to not only give the impression but also create the impression that we are a unitary candidate seeking change,” he noted.

Gonzalez explained that Machado will be the visible face of the campaign that began months ago with tours around the country (REUTERS/Gaby Oraa).

“In July this year we are a The new political reality In Venezuela and the government must acknowledge this new reality, face it and make decisions accordingly,” he says, opening to “negotiation” on change.

“They are complex situations that we must face calmly, with a cool mind, with a leading foot and a great capacity for dialogue.”

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Although he does not fear electoral fraud – as the opposition denounced in the 2018 presidential election – he assures that the PUD is “prepared for all situations” and asks the international community to “pay attention”.

With three months to go before the election, his candidacy is weak amid obstacles that put power in the opposition's path.

“We are going to focus our work on the campaign to promote the reunification of the Venezuelan people, the return of political exiles. This transition represents the economic recovery of the country and the restoration of democracy,” he says.


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