Insider predicts LeBron, Lakers miss playoffs

Many have questioned LeBron James’ move to the Los Angeles Lakers after the superstar signed a four-year free-agent deal with Los Angeles. The roster appears nowhere near ready to compete for a championship in the rugged Western Conference and the Lakers might even struggle to make the playoffs, considering James is surrounded by a lot of […]

Poll: Are LeBron James, Lakers a playoff team?

LeBron James. Rajon Rondo. Michael Beasley. Lance Stephenson. And you can even throw in JaVale McGee. Those are the veterans the Lakers have added to an otherwise young core. Of course, no one would care about the other additions, or be wondering how good the Lakers could be, if it weren’t for LeBron. As we’ve […]

Romeo Travis will always support LeBron, but has no love for Lakers, Warriors

Romeo Travis will forever be tied to LeBron James. However, there are limits to what being a high school teammate and close friend mean. For example, for Travis, who also co-starred with James in the movie, “More Than a Game,” while he’ll always have James’ back, can’t bring himself to support his new team. “I […]

Report: Leonard still primarily interested in signing with Lakers or Clippers

Kawhi Leonard is still primarily interested in signing with the Los Angeles Lakers or Clippers next July when he becomes an unrestricted free-agent, according to a report from ESPN. Leonard, who was traded to the Toronto Raptors this summer after requesting a trade from San Antonio, is from the California area. The Raptors can offer Leonard almost $50 […]

The road less traveled: For Cavaliers, it will be

Unlike the previous four seasons, the Cleveland Cavaliers are not favorites, let alone likely, to reach the NBA Finals in the 2018-19 season. However, the again-LeBron James-less Cavaliers will indeed lead the league in one category, so they’ve got that going for them… which is nice. According to NBA statistics savant Ed Küpfer, Cleveland, which […]