Cavs continue Haywood trade talks


With time still remaining before Brendan Haywood’s $10.5 million contract becomes guaranteed, the Cleveland Cavaliers continue to look for the best available offer.

Among the teams said to be talking trade with the Cavs: The Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers and Phoenix Suns.

Haywood’s contract has been one of the hottest items on the NBA’s summer market. If he is waived before Aug. 1, the contract will become nonguaranteed — providing significant salary relief to the team that lands him.

The Cavs, however, want to use Haywood’s contract to add depth to a roster that already features the likes of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and once re-signed, LeBron James.

Haywood, 35, played just 22 games for the Cavs this past season. Many around the league believe the 7-footer will retire if waived by the August deadline.

There have been no specifics on who or what the Cavs would want in return for Haywood’s contract — although it’s safe to assume they are looking for help at both the shooting guard and small forward positions.

The Lakers are one team that seems particularly intrigued with a potential deal for Haywood. After agreeing to a trade for Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert late last week, LA is hoping to make several more significant moves before training camp in the fall.

Several reports have suggested guard Nick Young is available. It is unclear if the Cavs are interested in Young or any of the Lakers at this point.

Meanwhile, an ESPN report earlier this week said the Cavs were discussing a trade that would send Haywood and Anderson Varejao to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Joe Johnson. But sources told Amico Hoops late Tuesday that the Cavs have not offered Varejao in any of their most recent trade talks.

Along with attempting to deal Haywood, the Cavs have been in continuous negotiations with forward Tristan Thompson on a new contract. Those negotiations stalled briefly, but small progress was made Tuesday, sources said.

Thompson is a restricted free agent, meaning the Cavs could match any offer tendered by another team.

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  1. Any update on Haywood,it looks like Crawford and Johnson off the table so what options are left and when can we expect a deal?

    • Hey Austen! Trades are a tough thing to predict. The Cavs have a lot of suitors for the Haywood contract — they can probably take their pick. I think they’ll wait until the very last minute, around July 30, to make a deal. No need to rush into something.

  2. Great stuff Sam. Do you think at this point that the cavs will just trade Haywood’s contract for a trade exception that they can use later on or do you believe that the cavs fully intend to bring in new players with that contract before August?

    • Sam Amico Sam Amico | July 11, 2015 at 4:48 pm |

      Thanks Joe! I think they fully intend to bring in new players. Trade exceptions don’t win championships. 🙂 There is a chance an exception could happen — but only if they can’t strike a deal for an actual human. So it’s a good question. I predict they’ll bring in SOMEONE. May not be exciting, but it’ll be better than nothing.

  3. LeBron James | July 11, 2015 at 1:43 pm |

    Any progress on the Haywood front? Do you know if they have a shortlist of candidates to trade for?

    • I’m sure the Cavs have a list of teams, not necessarily players, that can make a Haywood deal work. A lot of teams are contacting them about the contract. They can just sort of sit back and see who gives the best offer. I know they’ve explored a lot of different players (Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford, etc.), but nobody with the idea of “We HAVE to have that guy.”

  4. When do u think a trade will happen? And don’t u think we shouldn’t be expected a given draft pick because lebron have made it clear he doesn’t want them?

    • Hey Brad! Again, trades are a hard thing to predict. Contrary to popular belief, LeBron isn’t running things. If the Cavs want a draft pick, they will get one. LeBron knows they need to prepare for life without him (and whenever he may retire) as well. But David Griffin won’t do it at the expense of winning NOW. It’s Griffin who is determined to get all the help the Cavs can TODAY. He isn’t interested in picks. He wants players. I suspect a trade will happen within the next week or two.

  5. Is the Tristan holdup over time, not money? Could Tristan be insisting on a two year deal and the Cavs holding out for five?

    • That’s a great question, Bill. I can’t say for certain since I’m not in on the negotiations — and both sides just tell the media what they want the media to hear. The truth is likely somewhere in between. But to be frank, I think it’s over money, not time. Both sides would like a five-year deal, and that includes Tristan’s camp. But this is the way contract talks almost always go. They’re slow, sometimes painful. It will get done and Tristan will be a Cav. I said the same about Love. I’m every bit as confident about Thompson. Thanks for reading!

  6. Good read here, Sam can you answer this, there’s 2 key players Cleveland could trade for with Haywood’s contract, the Morris twin currently with Phoenix now supposedly wants out and a straight up trade for Haywood contract would work, plus this would help out LeBron at the SF/PF position, Keiff is a solid player, there are rumors that Cleveland and Phoenix are talking so hopefully he’s the player we get, another is Wilson Chandler from Denver (a player CLE should REALLY look into), Wilson would help out a lot at the SF position for Lebron also can would be a great scoring option off the bench, it would have to take a 3rd team to get involved for the trade to work like the Orlando Magic, imo Wilson would be great plus he was Mozgov teammate, do you see any of those trades being legit? And as far as free agency goes I’m sure Perkins won’t be back so as another big man (this sounds stupid but) Javale McGee is available, is he a bonehead sometimes yes but the guy has a unreal talent that would be a shame to go to waste but under CLE he kid fit well at the C, and could we sign another vet, specifically Ray Allen if he comes back?

  7. Do u still work for Fox sports and do u plan to hire writers ?

    • Hey Joe. Yes, I am still at FOX Sports Ohio, I just moved to the broadcast side. So you’ll be seeing more of me on TV. Not sure that’s necessarily a good thing. Thanks for visiting the site!

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