Despite tough loss, Butler suspects Sixers will be ‘just fine’

Jimmy Butler and 76ers coach Brett Brown have been at odds recently, according to an ESPN report.

Sometimes it takes a while for a team to come together and that is what Jimmy Butler seems to expect from the Philadelphia 76ers.

“We’re going to be just fine because once we put this together, we’re going to be tough,” Butler told reporters after the Sixers’ 111-106 loss at the Orlando Magic on Wednesday.

Butler arrived Monday following a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He scored 14 points on 6-of-12 shooting in his Sixers debut.

His addition to Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons is expected to turn the Sixers into a true contender to emerge from the Eastern Conference.

Everything was going well for the Sixers until the fourth quarter — when the Magic scored 21 unanswered points and the Sixers went the final 3 1/2 minutes without a field goal.

“You don’t just click your heels and win NBA games,”  Sixers coach Brett Brown said. “We will use this as a way to remind everyone that this is the NBA.”

Still, the Sixers had a shot until Magic forward Terrence Ross hit a 3-pointer to break a tie with 8.7 seconds left.

“A lot has been going on, but that’s no excuse for not winning,” Butler said. “No matter what, we’re expected to win. I’m expecting to win, and we’re expecting to win as a team. So that isn’t an excuse.”

J.J. Redick led the Sixers with 22 points and Embiid collected a triple-double of 19 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists. Nikola Jokic led the Magic with a game-high 30 points.

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  1. I keep checking this site for Cavs coverage, but I guess we’ve been replaced by other more
    ‘relevant’ teams. What gives, Sam? I remember you were complaining before the season that the national media/ league had ‘thrown us in the trash”. Now it looks like the local media are doing the same thing. I get that the team is struggling, but I can’t be the only fan who comes here looking for more Cavs news and analysis. Maybe you’ve just moved on and I missed the memo? I miss your take on things, in any case.

    • Thanks for the feedback Luna. To be honest, the website is a business and we have to write about the things people read most, hence our increased national coverage. Sometimes that takes away from the Cavs stuff. That said, I have every intention of writing/dribbling about the Cavs as much as possible moving forward — so please keep checking! I always try to write about what people want to read, and am always grateful you make the time to visit! – Sam

      • Thanks Sam for answering Luna’s question. I was feeling a bit the same but also figured about exactly what you said. Not a great deal about the CAVs is overly encouraging right now even though they DID give us a game in CLT to think about. But there is NO consistency right now with pretty much anything. Brief moments of cheering then they turn the ball over. Playing the youngsters is getting them experience, but it’s not quite what you WANT to see. Playing Clarkson & Sexton at the same time,,, well it’s fun occasionally but right now, their in dribble dribble shoot or super-turnover machines. THEY ARE HOWEVER, MAKING MORE OF THEIR SHOTS, which is refreshing for a two minute run on occasion. Looks like they’re currently on pace to have, what, ah, 15 game win season ???
        Maybe AFTER Love returns, AND with Durant mad a Travonoyance Green, we can get a Kevin for Kevin swap & win an extra 10 games.
        Anyway Thanks Sam. I’m sure you’ll have more to comment on as some trades actually happen & who knows, maybe we can pick up somebody. I mean, Never thought I’d say Tristan was getting better again, so miracles CAN happen!

        • Well I appreciate your thoughts and Cavs fans have spoken. We will bring back MORE Cavs coverage, even if it means Amico has to work as hard as Tristan Thompson to redeem himself. 🙂 Appreciate you taking time to read!!

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