Draymond on Warriors’ dynasty: ‘Only old age will get us’

Draymond Green talked about the dust-up with Kevin Durant prior to the Warriors' game against the Rockets.

Draymond Green is one of the most outspoken athletes in the NBA, if not the world.

So when he’s asked how the dynasty of the Golden State Warriors will end, as all dynasties eventually do, he points to the only undefeated opponent universally known.

Father Time.

Klay [Thompson] and Kevin [Durant] are free agents next year. I’m a free agent in 2020,” he told Sam Alipour of ESPN. “What decisions will we make? Let’s wait and see.

“But if we stay together, only old age will get us — and not anytime soon.”

The All-Star forward for the Warriors, winners of back-to-back NBA championships and three out of the last four, believes Golden State is the greatest team of all-time.

“For sure. Without a doubt,” he said. “However, it’s all subjective. Do I think we could beat the ’80s Lakers and the ’96 Bulls? Yes, I think we’d beat them the way the game is played today.”

What about him attempting to D up on the league’s all-time leading scorer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the Showtime Lakers, though?

“But Kareem isn’t chasing me around the court, either,” he said.

Then, there’s the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls, winners of six NBA championships in six trips to the NBA Finals.

“Yeah, Michael Jordan was probably the greatest, but Jordan can’t shoot the [3-pointer] like Steph [Curry],” Green said.

The Michigan State University product said the timeframe a game against either of those two previous dynasties was played wild be the determining factor.

“Those teams weren’t built to shoot or defend 3s or get up and down,” Green said. “The way the game is played today, we would’ve beat them. In the game they played then, they probably would’ve beat us.”

Having already won three NBA championships, Green said the addition of All-Star big man DeMarcus Cousins makes this incarnation of the Warriors the best, yet.

“I think it can be our best team,” Green said. “It will be. I’m confident in that.

“He [Cousins] adds an element we never had — a guy you can throw the ball to in the post every play, and he can go get a bucket.”