Exclusive: Hawks rookie Reddish says he’ll find his way

Hawks rookie wing Cam Reddish was selected with the 10th overall draft pick.

ATLANTA — DeAndre Hunter may have been the fourth overall pick for the Atlanta Hawks, but arguably the most anticipated pick was Cam Reddish, selected 10th overall.

The 6-foot-8 wing was a top-five player in high school in 2018 and played collegiately at Duke as a freshman last season. While Reddish has not had a statistical start to the NBA season that will blow anyone away, he has provided plenty of other reasons for optimism, starting with his defense. 

“I’m going to find my way,” Reddish told Amico Hoops. “Regardless of how the offense is going, I’m giving it my all on defense.” 

There is no question he was drafted for what his offensive game can be in the future. However, he is just as committed to the defensive end and looks at that side of the floor as a way to get himself going on offense. 

“Defense plays a big part in my game,” Reddish said. 

At Duke, he played for a college super team, but playing with Trae Young, who is averaging 38.5 points through the first two games, will also help Reddish as he learns how to play the NBA game. 

“He’s an unbelievable player and an even better teammate,” Reddish said of Young. 

There is also the infamous rookie duties that every first-year player must complete. For instance, Reddish’s rookie backpack could be seen in his locker, and he wore it on his way out of the arena. Before the game, DeAndre Bembry needed a towel, and Reddish was the one who had to bring it to him. 

So it is safe to say Reddish is no longer the big man on campus.

“The backpack, you gotta bring donuts every game,” he said, smiling.