Griffin, Marks give props to Cavs’ front office after moves

Former Cavaliers GM David Griffin and ESPN colleague Bobby Marks both praised the Cavaliers' current front office for their moves Thursday.

The much-criticized Cleveland Cavaliers’ front office — general manager Koby Altman and owner Dan Gilbert — has received a couple of ringing endorsements from a pair of well-respected NBA guys.

In the wake of Cleveland’s flurry of activity before the NBA trade deadline Thursday, former NBA executives David Griffin — the Cavaliers’ general manager until parting ways with the organization last summer — and Bobby Marks — former assistant GM of the Nets — both now of ESPN sent kudos the Cavaliers’ way.

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  1. As much as I rip him, maybe the real credit goes to Gilbert. We’ve been hearing HE was running the show prior to today. So maybe he should get credit where credit is due. Not sure how much Altman deserves the lead praise here.

  2. Good moves to dump Isaiah, Crowder, Shump, Rose, Wade and Frye (the only guy with value here). Still need a rim protecting big. Probably no way to get rid of TT and JR, but at least these moves will give the Cavs a shot in the arm.

    Cavs will never recover from the loss of Kyrie. That was the death knell for the Land. And LeBron is gone after this year. But at least the team has some hope for this year now.

  3. Ok, so the way to look at it is:

    For the season, we had to part with Kyrie, Frye, and DWade. And our first rounder.
    We got Hill, Hood, Clarkson, and Nance Jr. And the Brooklyn pick, and two second rounders.

    (Of course, Shump and Rose were almost like non-performing assets.)

    That way, it seems like a win. But unless we land a good big two-way Center, these trades would mean nothing.

  4. Regardless of how far the Cavs go this year (we dont have too many who can create their own shot), I like today’s moves, they offer hope.

    I went overboard in badmouthing Koby Altman and doubting what Cavs management could get done leading up to the deadline, I had so many doubts.

    I would apologize if I saw him im person. They did a good job!

    And props to Gilbert for agreeing to spend more especially with that recent forbes report coming to light. Maybe he knows je can sell for a lot more and make that money back if he leaves us a team with a future, and perhaps LeBron James too. If he plans to sell at all.

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