DiVincenzo defends Thibodeau from annual polls

DiVincenzo defends Thibodeau from annual polls

Is Thibodeau the most hated player in the NBA? maybe. Or at least this is what the latest annual survey conducted attests to The athlete The Knicks' current coach was voted by nearly 47% as the “coach you would least want to play for.”

Despite the reputation that preceded him, his players supported him one hundred percent. Donte DiVincenzo made this clear in his recent statements to the newspaper New York Post.

“They are nonsense. “And that's all I have to say,” DiVincenzo said. “Many have never played with Tips. I play for him. From the outside, you always have a certain point of view. “But when you're on the field and playing with Tips, as I already said, it's real bullshit,” the redhead added.

For the third year in a row, he “won” this award among the players who voted for the aforementioned media. This year, he received 46.8% of the vote, much less than second place, Doc Rivers, who received only 9%.

“I'm too old to coach them,” said an anonymous player. The athlete.

“You play 48 minutes,” another anonymous NBA player remarked.

The jokes are the usual towards Thibodeau, but the results are there. “He doesn't want attacking players”; “Hardly any courses”; “He does not know how to organize an attack”; “He burns the players”… Come on, the usual thing every season among every fan of the best league in the world.

But since taking over the Knicks, he has already surprised in his first year, taking them to the playoffs against all odds with a 41-31 record and winning Coach of the Year honors.

His sophomore year he went 37-45. In his third he was positive 47-35 and reached the Eastern Semifinals, and in this 2023-24 season he finished second in the East with a record of 50-32, and is currently playing the first round of the playoffs with a score of 2- 0 against the Philadelphia 76ers.

“you do not know him. You don't know how this privilege works. You don't know how training is going. “You don't know anything,” DiVincenzo said. “He always behaves very honestly. For us this is dedication. It's the love and dedication he gives us every day. “Like I said, this poll is bullshit and inaccurate,” the shooter explained.

Other colleagues think too

The Knicks are a team, and not even outside noise can destroy a unified locker room. Josh Hart, Jalen Brunson and Bojan Bogdanovic also came out to defend him, who hasn't particularly had big minutes since moving from Detroit.

“These guys are soft,” Josh Hart said on his Instagram profile. Instagram.

Likewise, Hart also had this to say about the Coach of the Year vote, as Thibodeau was eliminated from among the final three nominees: “50 wins. Second best record in the East with a large portion of the roster injured and does not count for the award…”

“If you're a player, you want to play as much as you can. “So I don't understand these players who voted against Thibodeau,” added Jalen Brunson, the NBA's 10th-ranked player in total minutes.

“He's direct. Whoever you give minutes to, it's because he deserves it. McBride played very well, so he was the one who finished the first game against the Sixers. If you contribute to the team, you'll play. That's what it is,” Bogdanovic concluded.

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