Interview: Bulls’ Blakeney says he has more to prove

Antonio Blakeney, who spent this past season with the Bulls, is a product of the Pro Basketball Combine, which tips off again next week.

INDIANAPOLIS — Antonio Blakeney wasn’t invited to the NBA Combine in 2017. While he was not one of the 60-members of his draft class who did get selected, the LSU product found a different route to showcase his talents.

He participated in the first Pro Basketball Combine in Brandenton, Fla., at IMG Academey.

After joining the Chicago Bulls on a two-way contract last season, the shooting guard was signed to an NBA contract this past offseason.

Not being invited to the Combine, going undrafted and finally proving his worth is a huge accomplishment. However, he still has plenty to prove.

“I think just showing my play-making,” Blakeney said after the Bulls’ loss to the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday.

The second-year guard only averages 17 minutes per game on the young season, but puts up 9.7 points per game in that short time. He is clearly a scorer.

However, he knows he can do a lot more than just score. That’s something that he wants to showcase.

“I can make plays for others,” he said. “Simple plays. I think I gotta show that more.”

The instant success at the NBA level wasn’t something foreseen by many just a couple years ago. He credits the Pro Basketball Combine for helping him get to where he is now.

“I’m so thankful just because it put me in front of a lot of teams,” he said. “Now that I’m the league I see how important that is. Get in front of those people and show what you can do.”