Kerr favors G-League offering ‘Select Contracts’

Warriors coach Steve Kerr addresses reporters after a Finals game last season. File photo

Steve Kerr, for one, is all for the G-League offering “Select Contracts” worth $125,000 to elite high school prospects long considered to be one-and-one players.

The new deals would give the prospects who are 18 or older, but not eligible for the draft because of present-day NBA rules, an opportunity to play one season in the G-League then enter the NBA draft the following year.

“The G-League is getting better and better, expanding every year,” the Warriors coach said Thursday. “If I’m the NCAA, I’d like to see one-and-done’s done. I’d like to see players able to come out of high school.”

The one-and-done rule was collectively bargained by the NBA and the NBA Players Association in 2005, which forbade high school prospects from entering the draft.

Thirteen years ago, Kerr agreed with the one-and-done rule. He’s since changed his mind, however.

“I think the G-League’s so strong now that I think we do need some players to service it,” Kerr said. “The ones who don’t want to go to school but want to make some money, want to develop their games, I think the G League is suitable for that.”