Coach Lue wants to see Cavs’ next level

Tyronn Lue of the Cavaliers was asked about the identity of his 27-18 team.

Notes from Cavs practice on Thursday, May 12.

LeBron James names his NBA Coach of the Year, tips cap to Portland

Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors made NBA history with 73 wins this season, but James believes the award should have gone to someone else.

Not only did the four-time MVP endorse the Blazers and their run in the postseason, but he also went out of his way to show admiration for its talented young backcourt.


LeBron won’t go into details, but assures everyone Cavs are staying in shape with “intense” workouts 

We do know this though: Tyronn Lue says there was a lot of lifting involved.


Coach Lue and Kyrie Irving speak on Kevin Love’s comments yesterday.

“If there’s another level, I want to see it,” Lue said.

Irving agreed with his fellow Big 3 teammate.


Kyrie Irving admits even he didn’t know how long it would take to get back to himself coming off of his knee injury.

For Irving, there was pressure to work harder and quicker to come back and return to the level he played at during the previous season and playoffs.

“Sometimes I don’t even know,” Irving said on the time table to return to form earlier this year. “I didn’t know.”


Irving on putting negative storylines on the back burner: Winning cures everything.

Don’t ask LeBron about those narratives though, because he’ll say, “you’ve got the wrong guy.”