NBA fans are using OddsMarket: Here are three reasons why

LeBron James and Kevin Durant will face off on Christmas.

We are getting down to the nitty-gritty! The NBA Playoffs are down to the Conference Finals with the Celtics and Cavs, and the Rockets and Warriors.

Who will it come down too? Will the Cavaliers outdo the Boston Celtics two years in a row? Will the Rockets get their first shot since the days of Clyde The Glide and Hakeem The Dream?

It’s hard to say but one is for sure … basketball fans love the new website, OddsMarket.

It’s the Easiest Place to Check the Odds

OddsMarket is the easiest place to check the odds for any game. Not just the NBA, but football, soccer, baseball etc. And not just in the United States but around the world.

Here’s what I just did. I went to and typed NBA into the search bar that is clearly displayed at the top. And BAM! I see that the games starts at 2:30 PM (in my time zone) and the lines opened with the teams being set with no point spread, but the Celtics as a slight favorite because they had a little bit of extra juice added. (Celtics -115 – Cavs -105). But now the Cavaliers are a 1-point favorite with the juice evenly split at -110 each.

One book still has the game at a pick ‘em and one has the Cavs as a half-point favorite, but higher juice at -119. I got all of this information in about 1.2 seconds.

It’s the Easiest Place to Check Seasonal Probabilities

Ok … so we know who the final four in the 2018 NBA Playoffs are. But I want to check what the Cleveland Cavaliers chance at winning the whole shebang are now that all but three other teams have been eliminated.

The blue header is clean and easy to read. I can immediately find where it says ‘Betting Resources’ near the top-left. When I click on betting resources, I get a drop down that shows Calculators and Outright Odds.

I select outright odds and see a couple of options on the left to filter my result: sport, country, league, and market. I choose basketball, United States, NBA, and To Win Outright.

Incredibly, we can see that the Golden State Warriors are still the odds-on favorites to hoist The Larry O’Brien Trophy, hovering between -130 and -140 at most shops. The Houston Rockets are second in line with odds varying between +190 and +230. The Cavs average 5.5 to 1 +550 with a few outlets as low as +500. And the Celtics are still getting no love! They are as high as 20 to 1 +2000!

It’s Customizable

All you have to do is create a free user account to customize your experience on OddsMarket. I did it in just a couple of seconds using the Facebook button, so I had my account set up with just one click, then I set my password.

Once you have your free user account, under settings you can set the time zone and time format. You can also organize the order in which the sportsbooks information appears so that you see certain odds first. If you ever bet on NBA games, this is great for lines shopping so that you can quickly compare the best prices for each market.


NBA fans gain access to a handful of awesome free tools and information to help them with matchup knowledge. This translates into more successful wagers and better awareness for their DFS and league play action.