Could Bulls’ Wade be next to join Thunder?

Dwyane Wade brings a whole new element to the Cavaliers.

Dwyane Wade is very likely approaching buyout discussions with the Chicago Bulls, and with Carmelo Anthony landing in Oklahoma City on Saturday … well, it’s easy to wonder if Wade won’t be far behind.

Wade supposedly has been leaning toward a reunion with Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James, his former teammate with the Miami Heat.

But Wade is also tight with Anthony, who waived a no-trade clause so the Knicks could finalize a deal with OKC (for forward Doug McDermott, center Enes Kanter and a second-round pick). Anthony will join reigning NBA MVP Russell Westbrook and All-Star forward Paul George, also new to OKC.

And if OKC is good enough for Anthony, hey, maybe it will be good enough for Wade as well.

It’s all speculation, just something for conversation.

And Yahoo Sports NBA writer Chris Mannix tweeted out this very thought.

“Have to wonder if OKC is now sitting on a Dwyane Wade buyout,” Mannix wrote. “Can’t offer money, even starting role — but Russ, PG and Melo could sell hard.”

So, Wade to the Thunder?

Obviously, he needs to resolve things with the Bulls first. Plus, joining James, staying out of the West and avoiding the Golden State Warriors until the Finals may be in Wade’s best interest.

But there may be a job for him in OKC, and now, Wade has a close friend there, too.

4 Comments on "Could Bulls’ Wade be next to join Thunder?"

  1. Certainly possible but I think his chances of getting to the Finals and WINNING are greater with us than OKC. Who is going to defer on OKC”s big three? George or Melo? If Melo defers what else does he have to contribute?? No D & poor rebounder. If George has to defer he will definitely be gone at the end of the year.

    Stay on the North Coast D. Wade!!!

  2. I’ll be amazed if he doesn’t join us, he’s so tight with bron if cavs call he ain’t saying no. Staying in the east & being on the cavs is his best chance of another ring.

  3. I’m wondering who the Cavs will have to cut in order to free up a spot for Wade?

    c Thompson, Zizic, Perkins, Tavares
    PF Love, Green, Frye
    SF James, Crowder, Osman, Jefferson
    SG Smith, Korver, Shumpert, (Holland 2-way)
    PG Rose, Thomas, Calderon, Felder

    I’m guessing it’s too late for the Cavs to sign Osman to a 2-way deal, which is what they should’ve done to avoid wasting a roster spot… I have no idea why they signed Holland to a 2-way when we are already loaded at SG, especially if Wade is coming. I’m assuming Felder and Tavares both get cut due to their non-guaranteed contracts. Does Jefferson retire? Do the Cavs offer him an assistant coaching role? They should. Does Perkins also get released? Basically, in order to free up a spot for Wade, the Cavs will need Jefferson to retire, and they will have to cut Perkins, Tavares and Felder. Maybe they also sign Tavares to a 2-way? Can you have more than one 2-way contract? I really hope we can salary dump Frye and Shumpert before the season starts. That would make things so much easier.

    • You can have 2 2 way contracts, Tavares probably will get the other one. Perkins is a camp invite only so as yet he’s not under contract, if wade get’s a buyout before the season start’s (which he may well get) look for us to trade shump in a salary dump which will free a spot for wade

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