Cavs open to dealing pick, JR at right price

J.R. Smith will make $14.7 million in 2018-19.

Some say the Cleveland Cavaliers are clinging to their likely lottery pick with all their might.

Not true.

They are actually quite open to trading it, writes Terry Pluto of

I’ve heard from top league sources the Cavs will do it — but not for a short-term answer such as DeAndre Jordan. That’s because Jordan can become a free agent at the end of the season.

The draft pick in question came to the Cavs in the Kyrie Irving trade with the Boston Celtics. It was once property of the Brooklyn Nets — so the draft position depends on a combination of the Nets’ final record and the results of the draft lottery in May.

The Cavs have between now and Thursday’s trade deadline to decide what to do with it. They could, of course, also trade it on draft night — along with their own first-rounder. (They can only trade one or the other during the regular season.)

But the draft is in June. The Cavs, who struggled through a 6-8 record in January, need help now.

So has Cavs general manager Koby Altman put the pick in play? Yes again, Pluto wrote:

The Cavs would trade the pick for a younger player who is under team control for a few years. But they are willing to deal their own first-round pick in 2018 for the right short-term fix.

Prior to the season, Altman told Amico Hoops the pick is sure to draw lots of interest.

“I think we have a responsibility to see what’s out there,” he said. “I think there will be tremendous interest. We have a responsibility to listen to calls.”

Along with all that, Pluto wrote he has heard Cavs shooting guard J.R. Smith “is being offered to multiple teams.”

Maybe, but good luck. Smith is having a lousy season with averages of 7.8 points and 38-percent shooting, and as Pluto mentioned, is making a whopping $13.7 million this season, with $14.7 million due next year.

Basically, if the Cavs want to unload Smith, they would likely need to attach the Brooklyn pick. It could happen — but only if the return will help the Cavs in both the short and long term.

All things considered, that blend undoubtedly will be tough to find.

3 Comments on "Cavs open to dealing pick, JR at right price"

  1. Winning organizations love draft picks. Losing organizations are always trying to find ways of getting rid of them. Look what happens when Celts drafted Bird, Lakers Magic then Worthy and Spurs Duncan. Magic was final MVP as a rookie.
    A vet team like the Cavs should have at least 4 under 25 players grooming to play big mins in the finals

  2. Thomas, Thompson, Crowder & Rose all need traded before Smith. Does Smith need traded? yes, but those 4 players need traded first and foremost. Trading Smith alone is not going to solve any of our current problems. There’s no question about who isn;t a fit here. Thomas, Thompson, Crowder & Rose all need to go. Period.

  3. Shumpert and Frye are commonly mentioned because of their contracts. Cleveland would have to send out close to Deandre’s cap hit in order to make the trade work.

    Shumpert’s contract expires after next season and Frye’s expires after this season. So if the Clippers don’t expect Deandre to re-sign (or aren’t interested in re-signing him in the first place), this deal would make some sense for LA. Clear cap space for 2018 and 2019 and pick up a first round pick.

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