Knicks haven’t called T-Wolves about possible Butler trade

Timberwolves star swingman Jimmy Butler has been traded to the 76ers, according to reports.

Jimmy Butler may like the New York Knicks but it appears the Knicks aren’t interested in Butler.

According to ESPN, the Knicks never called about Butler after learning the Minnesota Timberwolves’ swingman became available. Butler requested a trade from the T-Wolves nearly three weeks ago.

League sources have told Amico Hoops the Timberwolves have talked to at least 25 of the 29 opposing teams about a possible Butler trade.

The Knicks were said to be among the teams on his list of preferred of destinations — which also included the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers.

Since then the Heat have emerged as Butler’s top pick, and the Heat and Timberwolves were close on a deal over the weekend, ESPN reported. Those talks appear to have fallen apart.

Either way, the Knicks appear to be satisfied with where they are — or at least satisfied with life without Butler.

“Butler has also expressed interest in several teams with max salary-cap space, including the LA Clippers, Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks,” ESPN reported. “The Clippers and Nets never found traction in conversations with Minnesota, and the Knicks never called, sources said.”

This may actually be a good thing. Butler turns 30 this season and is coming off a knee injury that impacted his performance in the playoffs. With president Steve Mills, general manager Scott Perry and new coach David Fizdale running things, the Knicks may be done looking for quick fixes. That approach hasn’t exactly worked for them in the past.

Butler can become a free agent at the end of the season. If he’s not happy with his situation, he could leave. So perhaps it’s a good thing the Knicks seem to be more interested in keeping their assets and keeping an eye on trying to build wisely.

“I believe fans will accept a team that has a plan and you stick with it and if you deliver players, you do have some hope,” Mills said recently. “We think we have something we can see is different as long as we have the patience to stick to it.”