Amico Podcast: Who will start for Cavs?

J.R. Smith likely has a hold on the Cavaliers' starting shooting guard spot.
Sam Amico
Sam Amico

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The Cavaliers have made several additions via free agency and trades. Will this mean some tinkering with the starting lineup is in order?

I examine the roster in the latest Amico Report Podcast. Listen below.

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  1. Ok, here is what I predict the Cavs roster will be after the all-star break:

    Starters: Rose-Wade-LeBron-Love-Cousins(?)

    Bench: IT-JR-Korver-Crowder-TT(?) (I think the bench can give the starters a hard time if they played each other)

    Others: Felder-Cedi-Jefferson-Zizic-Tavares

    (Cut from roster: Shump, Frye, Green, Calderon)

    And I see Cavs bringing home the championship!

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