Changes to NBA draft lottery up for vote

The NBA is contemplating a makeover to its current draft lottery and changes could be finalized before the season tips off next month, according a report from ESPN

Per the report: “Commissioner Adam Silver is a strong advocate to de-incentivize tanking by implementing lower odds on the NBA’s worst teams to gain the top picks in the draft, league sources said.”

A reform to the lottery would take place via vote from the league’s Competition Committee.

ESPN added that “no changes to the NBA lottery would be instituted until the 2019 draft,” in the event the reform passes.

Highlights of the potential changes, according to ESPN:

1. Lottery teams could drop four spots in the lottery, as opposed to the three they can fall now.

2. The three worst teams would have an equal chance to finish with the first pick. Currently, the team with the overall worst record has the best odds.

3. Finally, as explained by Hoops Rumors: “The odds for those three worst teams would be flattened, closing the gap between their odds of landing the top pick and the subsequent teams’ odds of landing the top pick.”

The Competition Committee is made up of several coaches and general managers.

Per ESPN: “The Competition Committee is given significant latitude to challenge and amend the league office’s proposals, and thus, could recommend none, part, or all of a proposal for the league owners to vote upon at its late September board of governors meeting in New York.”