Report: Suns tell Booker he won’t be moved

The Phoenix Suns are trying to acquire Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star guard Kyrie Irving, but they will not include budding star Devin Booker in any deal, according to a report from

The Suns are reportedly not willing to give up rookie small forward Josh Jackson either — which would make it unlikely that Cleveland and Phoenix can get a deal done, since the Cavs are looking for sound veterans and a blue-chip young asset in return for Irving.


Cleveland also wants Josh Jackson, a 6-8 rookie drafted fourth overall by the Suns in June. Phoenix reportedly doesn’t want to trade Jackson, and a source said the Suns told Devin Booker he would not be traded — which would seem to put a serious hamper in this potential trade.

Phoenix is making the wise choice here by making Booker untouchable.

There is no argument one can make for trading Booker, the Suns’ franchise player, for a guy in Irving who could end up being a two-year rental.

Booker, 20, averaged 22.1 points per game this past season.

According to Amico Hoops sources, the Cavaliers are continuing to talk trades with no less than seven teams — with the Suns, Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves and Denver Nuggets considered the strongest suitors. (Full Cavs/Irving report.)

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  1. Phillip Davis | July 30, 2017 at 5:03 am |

    Without booker they have no deal. Kyrie is a franchise player himself and has been a all-star for several yrs now. Booker could eventually get there but you never know. Kyrie makes phx an attractive destination for free agents to come which they haven’t been successful recently even with the loads of cap space. Booker avg 22 ppg but wasn’t very efficient. You need star power at PG in today’s NBA. U have that in kyrie. Bledsoe & Booker are perfect for Cavs. Defensive PG to wear on steph n also challenge him on the other end. Potential star in booker to be lebrons Klay Thompson minus the defense but he sure helps pick up scoring load left by Kyrie’s departure. With lebron he would become much more efficient by being able to play to his strengths and not have to carry a offense which is not what he is built for at least at this stage in his development. I don’t think he will ever be that type of player. Kyrie can single handedly take over games. Tough decision for Phx but you make that trade IMO. Top 3 PG. Top 10 player overall still not in his prime with the ability to recruit other stars to come to PHX to join. Kyrie is going to fill the seats and change their culture. Booker is not.

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