Westbrook hasn’t given OKC answer on extension

Russell Westbrook has yet to inform the Thunder if he will sign the designated veteran player extension.

Reigning MVP Russell Westbrook is eligible to sign the new designated veteran player extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder that would pay him nearly $207 million over the next five years, making him the highest paid player in the NBA.

The Thunder offered Westbrook the extension back in July and have been patiently and anxiously waiting for his response.

According to ESPN, Westbrook hasn’t delivered an official answer to the Thunder and he is widely expected to make a decision on his own time.

Per Royce Young of ESPN:

The Thunder’s offer is on the table, and has been for some time. As Thunder GM Sam Presti said in July, this isn’t really a negotiation. Either Westbrook takes it, or he doesn’t. According to sources with knowledge of the situation, Westbrook hasn’t delivered an official answer — either a yes or a no. Though the chatter and anxiety might be steadily increasing, nothing has tangibly changed.

While many around the league believe Westbrook is waiting until training camp to start in September to accept the deal, some pundits think the explosive point guard wants to see how this upcoming season pans out before he commits for the long haul.

Newly acquired Thunder star Paul George could essentially turn out to be a rental, as he will become a free agent next summer and everyone knows he has his eyes on the Los Angeles Lakers.

There was talk that even though he had a historic season in which he averaged a triple-double, Westbrook got frustrated with the burden that was on his shoulder night in and night out.

If Westbrook isn’t convinced George will re-sign with OKC, there’s no point in him signing this mega-extension now.

Westbrook signed a three-year, $85 million extension with the Thunder last summer, a deal that includes a player option for 2018-19.

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  1. There is no better time than NOW for him to join LBJ and exact a revenge! He should push for a trade to the Cavs.

    A 4 team deal is possible that would place Westbrook to Cavs and Melo to Houston. It is not ‘possible’ right now because I am including Thomas in the trade, but it will be possible after 2 months when the restrictions are lifted.

    Cavs get: Westbrook (and keeps the two first round picks)
    Rockets get: Melo
    Knicks get: Ariza (from Rockets), Shumpert, Thomas, Osman (from Cavs)
    Thunder get: Anderson (from Rockets), Frye, Felder (from Cavs). May be a pick from Knicks/Rockets.

    Why would Knicks do it? They really want to get rid of Melo. They get back an all-NBA PG in return. Moreover, they get two starters in Ariza and Shump. Osman has the potential to be a force in the near future. This trade, if it happens, will be a big win for the Knicks.

    Why would Thunder do it? They can tank with the hope of a lottery pick in next year’s loaded draft. Frye’s expiring contract will help them clear cap space for an all-star, if needed. More interestingly, they can flip PG to a contender after Dec 15. That contender may be the Cavs, and the pick may be the Brooklyn pick, depending on how badly the Cavs want PG. This would be a nice opportunity to re-build for OKC.

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