Poll: Which Duke star would you draft with first overall pick?

Duke freshmen R.J. Barrett, left, and Zion Williamson are at the top of every list of NBA draft prospects.

So, the draft is tomorrow. Or even tonight. Or even right now.

The clock is ticking. And guess what? You have the first pick. Who is your man?

R.J. Barrett? Or Zion Williamson? Both are Duke freshmen.

Most fans and executives seem to think you can’t go wrong either way.

Most think either way, you’ll be getting the type of player who can turn around your franchise.

Barrett is a 6-foot-7 wing whose combination of athleticism, grace and all-around pro skills have scouts drooling.

Meanwhile, there’s little graceful about the powerful Williamson, also 6-7. He simply gets it done with brute force around the basket. He is built like Karl Malone and has an uncanny knack for handling and passing the ball, as well as attacking the basket to the point where the rim cringes with fear.

Wow, wow and double wow.

So, let’s say the NBA draft is … well, right now. You’re the GM. What do you do? Vote below.

Which Duke star would you draft first?

R.J. Barrett
Zion Williamson