Talks to end one-and-done rule hit a roadblock

Michele Robert of the players association and commissioner Adam Silver are reportedly having talks about doing away with the one-and-done rule.

Talks to end the one-and-done rule between the NBA and the NBA Players Association have reportedly hit a roadblock.

The league’s desire to add two conditions to an agreement to end the one-and-done rule and lower the NBA’s age limit to 18 are the sticking point, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

According to the report, commissioner Adam Silver is pressing NBPA executive director Michele Roberts to require agents of players to provide all teams medical information on draft prospects and to require players to attend and participate in some level of activities of the NBA pre-draft combine.

The league remains hopeful of coming to an agreement with the NBPA that would permit graduating high school seniors to come into the NBA beginning with the 2022 draft.

Any changes to the collective bargaining agreement, ratified in 2016, must be agreed upon by the NBA and the union.

The controversial one-and-one deal was implemented in 2005 as part of the CBA.