Van Gundy takes NBA to task for forcing Pelicans to play Davis

Jeff Van Gundy does not agree with the NBA's decision to force the Pelicans to play Anthony Davis.

The NBA reportedly forced the New Orleans Pelicans to play Anthony Davis, threatening to fine the team $100,000 per game if the team benched the disgruntled superstar.

Once Davis remained on the New Orleans roster after the Feb. 7 trade deadline passed, his agent, Rich Paul, who informed the Pelicans that Davis would not sign a contract extension next summer and wanted to be traded, reportedly called the league office to voice his concern about his client being shelved by the team, prompting the NBA to inform the Pelicans they had to play Davis or face the $100K fine.

Former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy, on the call of the Pelicans’ game against the Minnesota Timberwolves on ESPN on Friday night, took the NBA to task for its decision to force New Orleans to play Davis.

“(Pelicans owner Gayle Benson) missed an opportunity to take a stand for her team, and small-market teams in the NBA,” Van Gundy said. “Anthony Davis, one of the five-best players in the NBA, publicly requested a trade, and now the NBA is trying to bully her with unduly harsh fines? If I was her, I’d say I’ll pay the fines, but at the end of the day, I’m going to do what’s best for my franchise.”

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  1. David should play and whatever happens,oh well.these prima donnas are grotesquely overpaid whiners.they take a check, they have to least NBA is trying to show some integrity and concern for their paying customers.

    • He wants to play and his agent was the one who called the league to make sure they didn’t try to sit him the rest of the season. Van Gundy is wrong in my opinion. They should not sit a healthy player because they don’t want him to get hurt so they can trade him in the offseason. That’s exactly why the league has the rule to prevent tanking.

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