Vecsey: Stevens a throwback to days of great coaches

Coach Brad Stevens is hoping to see more from the Celtics, yes, even in the preseason.

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2 Comments on "Vecsey: Stevens a throwback to days of great coaches"

  1. Good coach? It appears so at this point. But I wonder what the average coaches could do with all the 1st round draft picks he’s been handed in recent years. I mean, I need to go back and look, starting with the Brooklyn Nets debacle as they gave the Celtics several 1st rounders beside their own and others. Has there been an instant in the history of the game where one team got so many first rounders?

    I remember Chris Grant piling up draft picks and other assets along the way when Jame left the first time. His problem. The only problem I could see was he couldn’t pick worth a darn. Kyrie #1 then TT. Instead of TT, what would the team look like today if they had drafted Clay Thompson instead as an example. Then Anthony Davis?

    If we use the Anthony Wiggins example, he went to the timberwolves (drafted by our cavs, then traded to the timberwolves) and IMHo has done quite well if you see him as simply a rotation player. Has lots of points. However, coming out for the draft, he was seen as a potential elite player with great athleticism. A player that was known for his defense. What we’ve seen though is a ball stopper that can score but is extremely inconsistent on D. Perhaps if he had Stevens, his career would be a vastly different path at this point.

  2. What is this crap $5 to unlock and read the column?

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