Warriors’ McCaw hospitalized after frightening fall

Patrick McCaw of the Warriors is in obvious pain after suffering a hard fall that led to him being taken off the court on a stretcher and to an area hospital Saturday night in Sacramento.

Patrick McCaw of the Golden State Warriors was taken off the floor at Golden 1 Center after being accidentally undercut by Vince Carter of the Sacramento Kings.

The second-year guard fell awkwardly and hard onto the floor as a result of Carter inadvertently contacting McCaw’s legs on a drive along the left baseline.

McCaw landed on his lower back, rolling in agony after doing so.

The Warriors announced a chest X-ray and CT scan came back clear late Saturday night. The battery of other tests, including an MRI, came back negative the team announced Sunday. He is expected to be discharged from the hospital today and is scheduled to see a specialist Thursday.

Carter was distraught after the incident.

“I just hope he’s OK,” Carter said. “I play this game because I love it and enjoy it, not to see young guys get hurt. He has a bright future. I just hate to see it.”

The incident took place with 41.8 seconds to go in the third quarter in the Warriors’ 112-96 victory.

McCaw remained on the floor for approximately 10 minutes in obvious pain as the arena went silent.

He was put on a stretcher by safety personnel and wheeled away with his neck stabilized. McCaw was transported by ambulance to UC Davis Medical Center for further tests and evaluation.

The Sacramento crowd gave McCaw a standing ovation as he was taken to the waiting ambulance while players from both teams huddled together and said a prayer.

Carter explained the group huddle.

“Said a prayer for him, you know, because he didn’t want to be there, you know what I mean?” he said. “So just a bunch of good guys doing the right thing.”

“It was really scary,” Golden State coach Steve Kerr said after the game. “He was in a lot of pain, laying on his back. … It’s scary stuff.”

“It’s terrifying. That’s all we’re thinking about,” said Kerr, who did not want to talk about the game itself. “We just hope he’s OK.”

Carter, who was given a flagrant foul 1, said all he remembered was McCaw’s “foot hitting the side of my leg.”

He said his part in the play troubled him despite it being “a freak accident.”

“You can tell me whatever… it was an accident, whatever,” he said. “I just don’t like to see it.”

Kerr was at first upset with Carter, but once the severity of the incident became more and more obvious, he came out onto the court to console the obviously shaken Carter as they looked at McCaw.

Kerr initially expressed anger toward Carter for his role in McCaw’s fall, but as the severity of the situation became more apparent, Kerr came onto the court and consoled a visibly shaken Carter as they looked on at McCaw.

“I didn’t see a replay,” Kerr explained his initial reaction. “Vince felt horrible. I was out there next to him.”

After the game ended, Carter went to Kerr and his staff to further apologize.

In the Warriors postgame locker room, Kevin Durant and

both expressed they believed the play to have been an accident.

“I know Vince’s spirit and his heart. I don’t believe it was intentional at all,” Durant said. “It looked like he was just caught in the middle of the play and wanted to move out of the way, but Pat was coming so fast. It was just an unfortunate play. Nobody in our locker room thinks Vince did that on purpose.”

Green agreed.

“Vince is not that type of guy. He’s never been that type of guy,” he said. “Freak accidents, things happen. A guy jumps and he didn’t touch him much, but if you’re as high as you can jump, you lose your balance easier. I know that was tough on Vince.”