Winslow: There was ‘animosity’ when Wade signed with Bulls

When Dwyane Wade signed with the Chicago Bulls in the summer of 2016, Miami Heat swingman Justise Winslow says there was some animosity between he and Wade.

Wade took Winslow under his wing when Winslow entered the league in 2015. The two had a very close relationship and Wade served as a great mentor to Winslow.

Things changed, however, when Wade left South Beach for his hometown of Chicago and Winslow says Wade’s move strained their relationship.

“When I first got to the team, he looked out for me, kind of like a big brother,” Winslow told Rohan Nadkarni of Sports Illustrated. “There was some animosity when he left for Chicago. I remember that first game it got kind of heated between us. Now everything is great.

“He’s a big brother to me. He’s invited me to hang out, helped me on my game, watch film. He’s a stand-up guy, it’s been a blessing to play alongside him and learn from him.”

When Wade played in Miami as a member of the Bulls, things got a little testy between Winslow and Wade. Winslow fouled Wade hard on a drive to the basket and Wade shoved Winslow in the back.

Wade and Winslow are back on good terms now that Wade is a member of the Heat again.

“It’s basketball, we’re still competitors,” Winslow said. “There was a little tension. But I mean, we squashed it. We’re grown men. We’re both doing what we love. It wasn’t anything major. We just had to figure some things out between us.”

It is unknown if Wade will return next season, as he has yet to make a decision.