10 YouTube Stats to Boost Your Marketing Strategy in 2021

10 YouTube Stats to Boost Your Marketing Strategy in 2021

Over the years, YouTube has established itself as the top destination for video content. Every day more than 5 billion videos are watched on the platform. From offering informative content to tones of entertainment videos, YouTube offers an array of choices. The platform has more than 2 billion monthly active users. Considering that an average user spends 13 minutes 31 seconds on YouTube, this is one of the most-visited websites of all time.

This presents brands with an excellent opportunity to connect with their potential customers. With YouTube, you can expect a fairground to compete, and a targeted approach can take you places. Made possible with some of the best free video editing software available online. All these factors make YouTube a lucrative option for starting your video journey. If you are still unsure about venturing into YouTube, here are ten statistics that will help you make your mind.

YouTube Helps Brands Get Noticed

Today 50% of brands invest in creating YouTube content. The reason for the widespread popularity is the fact that YouTube helps brands get noticed. An average YouTube user spends a food fraction of their viewing time exploring new ideas. The platform’s algorithm ensures that your promotional content is shown only to those people who are interested in your genre. 90% of people admit to discovering new products while browsing through YouTube. If you are confident in the effectiveness of your product and its features, YouTube is the best place for you to get them noticed.

YouTube Supports Music

A look at the top 100 YouTube searches will reveal that 20% of them are related to music. As a brand, you can make the most of it by incorporating appropriate music in your promotional content.

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While music helps to set the mood of the video and gives better context, make sure that you have the copyright to use the music. Using copyright-protected music in your YouTube videos may lead to the content being taken off the platform.

YouTube Allows Effective Collaborations

After Instagram, YouTube is the most popular platform for influencer marketing. Studies show that every year there is a 70% increase in the number of YouTube users who engage with influencer-created content. This has led to an increase in the number of influencers and the videos coming from each influencer. As a brand, you can leverage this trend by reaching out to popular influencers in your genre and then collaborating with them for your promotional content.

Well Edited Videos Are Preferred in YouTube

YouTube is a visual platform, and well-edited videos have a higher chance of being shared. An average YouTube user is 1.6 times more likely to watch a relevant video that has a good production value. Ideally, you must color correct your video clips before making them into a YouTube video. We recommend the use of subtitles and transitions to improve the visual appeal of your content.

YouTube Helps to Overcome Barriers

With the world turning to a global village, businesses are not restricting themselves to local operations. In such a situation, YouTube helps to promote the brand and go beyond word-of-mouth marketing. The platform is used in over 80 languages.

According to the latest studies, YouTube is used by 77% of US internet users who are in the age group of 15 to 35 years. This makes the reach of YouTube higher than that of any television network. Moreover, the popularity of YouTube is not restricted to the US.

While the US contributes to 16.4% of YouTube users, India and Japan constitute 9.2% and 4.8% respectively. YouTube is accessible in more than 100 countries making it the globally preferred marketing platform.

Better Viewer Attention

The Latest youtube statistics show that 50% of YouTube viewers are focused on promotional content and unlikely to skip ads. That is because, unlike conventional television viewers who are likely to multitask, you have your viewer’s undivided attention on YouTube. With proper planning and the use of appropriate intro-making tools, you can create content that will have the viewer glued to the screen. 29% of marketing professions feel that pre-roll skippable content is the most effective way of promoting a brand.

YouTube Boost Sales

2 out of every 3 buyers turn to YouTube for ideas before making a sale. With millions of video content available for free, potential customers turn to YouTube. The videos give them a holistic picture of the item they are purchasing. A video helps them decide if a product is worth the money and influences their buying decisions.

40% of shopping enthusiasts across the world have purchased products that they discovered on YouTube. The last couple of years have seen a 5X increase in the watch time of shopping-related videos.  In such a situation, creating high-quality YouTube ads will give a boost to your product sales.

YouTube Lauds Creativity

YouTube is growing at an unimaginable pace and has over 38 million active channels. With 15 million content creators creating videos for more than 22000 channels, there is ample room for creativity. If you can create targeted content, you can use YouTube to grow your brand. The secret to YouTube’s success is producing consistent content and ensuring that you take a creative approach to video making.

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Brands Can Leverage YouTube to Make Money

While most brands look at YouTube as a tool to promote their business offerings, strategizing your content will help you make money off the platform. Brands like LEGO have over 11.5 million subscribers. T-Series is the most subscribed YouTube channel of all time and has 169 million subscribers.

Some of the top YouTubers earn well over ten million dollars every month. If you focus on the value of your content, you can build your YouTube follower base. Over time, such efforts will help you with secondary sources of income.

YouTube Has Unexplored Potential

As of today, less than 10% of small businesses own a YouTube channel. If you are competing in a localized market, having a YouTube channel will put you at a competitive advantage. The last year saw a 95% increase in the number of new channels that build a YouTube audience.

To make the most of YouTube’s unexplored potential, understand the SEO and plan your content.  For example, videos with closed captions or those with keywords in the description, perform better. Similarly, videos that are up to 3.5 minutes long are better received by the audience.

By now you are convinced of the power of YouTube in business marketing. As you make the efforts to understand the platform and use it to your marketing advantage, here’s wishing you a fulfilling journey ahead.


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