Iragori promises that Sporting Gijon is not going to be Mexican

Iragori promises that Sporting Gijon is not going to be Mexican

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After confirmation Purchasing Sporting de Gijón From Orlegi GroupAlejandro Iraragori, head of the Mexican ensemble, made it clear that he did not have the magic formula to get the club out of Spain’s second division. A program of trust will help them achieve their goals.

In this case, the businessman promised They will have the “necessary weapons” to turn the club into a heroWithout thinking it was “Mexican”, skepticism among fans.

“Our management model covers a wide range of sports intelligence, where we have explored a number of possibilities, but the truth is that national, If he is Mexican or not Mexican, it does not matter, Here we are not coming to MexicanizeWhat we see is a management model We have worked with people from many countries”, He commented at the press conference.

Irarragorri was excited about the challenge they would face, and more because of the game This is a club with “amazing history”. You want it to be a successful management that will give the company even more brilliance.

“With a spirit created by the glory and suffering experienced here, with a tradition that creates these two things, With the business community This will enable the club to compete in different situations than in recent times, ”he added.

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