100+ Topics For an Outstanding Informative Speech.

100+ Topics For an Outstanding Informative Speech.

Most students, when they need to write an informative speech, especially inexperienced ones, face difficulties on the very first stage – deciding on a topic. After receiving an assignment, you might want to look through a list of the most beneficial topics. In this article, you can find an extensive list of informative speech topics for any discipline or educational level.

Check out these topics and find inspiration in this list. Remember that these are only samples, and you are free to adjust them to your needs. By the way, if you are in a time crunch to write an excellent speech, you can buy essay online or ask your groupmates for help. So for your convenience, we divided them into different categories.


  1. The best winter sports
  2. History of football
  3. The greatest football teams in history
  4. The toughest competitions
  5. Sports athletes who became celebrities
  6. The differences between men and women sports
  7. The benefits of horseback riding
  8. The personality traits of a successful sportsman
  9. Can men and women be members of the same sports team?
  10. The most frequent traumas of basketball players
  11. The problem of doping in sports

Business and economy

  1. How to validate a small business idea
  2. The influence of pandemic on local businesses
  3. Is social media marketing worth investing in?
  4. The role of business mentors
  5. How to write effective emails for business
  6. Key things to develop an effective marketing strategy
  7. How to make an effective market research
  8. Key steps to identify and analyze competitors
  9. The phenomenon of Steve Jobs
  10. Elon Musk and his rules to build a successful business
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  1. Is a gap year necessary?
  2. How to prevent violence in educational institutions
  3. A portrait of reputable professor in 21st century
  4. What is the best age for sex education?
  5. Single-sex schools: pros and cons
  6. Study habits to improve productivity
  7. How to deal with bullying in schools
  8. The challenges of studying abroad
  9. The connection between educational level and financial status
  10. The importance of free-time activities for students
  11. Is a college education worth its cost?
  12. The differences between American and Canadian education systems
  13. Common learning disabilities of primary school children


  1. The phenomenon of the Black Lives Matter movement
  2. Racism in the workplace
  3. The effect of globalization on modern social groups
  4. How to stop terrorism
  5. The common personality traits of Generation Z representatives
  6. Are cultural traditions and customs outdated?
  7. Why do celebrities become icons?
  8. The most widespread social issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
  9. Why are modern marriages so unstable?
  10. How to protect women’s rights in Muslim countries?


  1. The impact of eating disorders on mental health
  2. The importance of regular sports for our body
  3. How to make your skin look younger?
  4. Why should we apply SPF creams every day?
  5. Effective methods of preventing insomnia
  6. Are antibiotics harmful?
  7. Popular skincare tendencies
  8. The dangerous impact of sugar
  9. Does the keto diet work, and how does it influence our digestion?
  10. Revealing myths about homeopathy
  11. The medical uses of marijuana
  12. How to treat chronic headache
  13. The good and bad effect of caffeine on our body
  14. How much water should a person drink to stay healthy
  15. The components of a healthy lifestyle
  16. Healthy habits that help lose weight
  17. Annual health checkup: what to include?
  18. Healthy sleep is the key to a long and healthy life.
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  1. Techniques to beat procrastination
  2. The most common children phobias
  3. Things that influence the development of self-esteem
  4. How to deal with post-traumatic stress
  5. Is hypnosis an effective treatment of mental disorders?
  6. Emotional intelligence
  7. How to detect lies?
  8. How to overcome a fear of public speaking
  9. A Guide to non-verbal communication
  10. How to differentiate an attraction from love?
  11. Non-verbal signals of anger
  12. Techniques to control emotions


  1. The best uses of artificial intelligence in daily life
  2. The phenomenon of AI-based devices popularity
  3. The advantages of antivirus software
  4. Must-have apps and websites that make student life easier
  5. Why is the IT-sphere so promising?
  6. The best uses of advanced technologies in educations
  7. Are 3D printers the future?
  8. How did computers change over decades?
  9. The future of robotics
  10. Wearable devices and their benefits
  11. Are electric cars really environmentally friendly?
  12. The history of the iPhone
  13. Is nuclear power
  14. Dangerous impacts of screens


  1. How social media change communication models
  2. The most frequent data protection issues and how to make your personal information safe
  3. The mechanism of how search engines work
  4. How to promote your social media account
  5. The phenomenon of bloggers in modern society
  6. Are bloggers equal to celebrities?
  7. The dangers of online relationships
  8. The negative effect of commercials
  9. The greatest television series of all times
  10. Women actresses who changed the movie industry
  11. Are newspapers still popular?
  12. The best films based on books

Fun topics

  1. Keep your parents away from your social media
  2. Why is being stupid cool?
  3. How to deal with an angry woman
  4. How to set an effective password
  5. Signs she reads your messages on social media
  6. Your Horoscope and its meaning
  7. Things we should learn from cats
  8. How to help a friend get ready for a blind date
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To Sum Up

Informative speech seems the simplest to present. We hope that our detailed guide and a wide range of subjects helped you create an outstanding one. If you face difficulties during the preparation, you can always rely on our experienced speechwriters.

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