-111 ° C, new record for hail amidst a storm cloud formed in the Pacific Ocean | International | News

-111 ° C, new record for hail amidst a storm cloud formed in the Pacific Ocean |  International |  News

This phenomenon formed over the Pacific Ocean.

Extremely cold temperature was measured over a storm cloud in The Pacific OceanThis is via a satellite in Earth’s orbit. The temperature has reached -111 ° C, It’s 30 degrees colder than a typical storm clouds and by far the coldest known measure of storm clouds temperature, according to a study led by a doctor. Simon Proud, NCEO Researcher (National Earth Observation CenterThe dependent United kingdom.

Temperature sensors on board satellites orbiting the Earth can detect these cold clouds, allowing meteorologists to monitor storms and issue severe weather warnings.

According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, The Storms have a shape similar to an anvil When they reach the top of the TroposphereThis is the lowest level in the Earth’s atmosphere. However, when a storm has extraordinary energy, it can reach the next layer, the stratosphere. to me ABCThis phenomenon causes storm clouds to reach very high altitudes, as temperatures are already freezing.

This mentioned excess coldness is what happened to the storm cloud recorded over the Pacific Ocean, making it the coldest with -111 ° C; The top of the clouds reached more than 20.5 kilometers above sea level.

This storm has reached an unprecedented temperature that exceeds the limits of what current satellite sensors can measure.He explains proud It is a statement.

We’ve found that these extremely cold temperatures appear to be more common, with just as much extremely cold temperatures in the past three years as in the past thirteen years. Now we must understand whether this increase is due to changing our climate or it is caused by a “perfect storm” of meteorological conditions that have led to the spread of severe thunderstorms in recent years.

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