Against Barcelona. Real Valladolid – Sports Report – April 5, 2021

Against Barcelona.  Real Valladolid – Sports Report – April 5, 2021

Jordi Blanco (Reporter in Barcelona) – Horn Barcelona. Dembele, when the 90th minute was already in the spotlight, gave Bar பார்a a golden victory to put themselves at a point at Atletico de Madrid.
Without controversy over Persia’s victory, the Valladolid players demonstrated in an open way for slapping Oscar Plano in the Claire area from Jordi Alba, asking for a penalty not awarded by the referee.

The Puselano team suffocated in the worst way in Persia, with the Persian team finishing the worst game in recent months, with no chance until the Frenchman, after a cross from de Jong, Arazo touched the side and settled with a saving volley. Parsia is already looking at the leader’s neck … it’s not that easy. The very opposite.

Affected by the ecstasy surrounding the environment, Goman’s team felt the danger of the national team’s suspense, faced an embarrassing match that he could not doubt, because of the freshness and courage imposed by Valladolid, could not give him the rhythm requested by the coach and how to find a break in the defensive match defense.

In fact, it took Barசa 40 minutes to really put Mas மாp in trouble, with Bruno Gonzஸ்lez blocked from the ground by a low shot from Messi, and a short while ago, on the best and only obvious opportunity to score, Petrie’s shot deflected him. The goalkeeper is enough for the ball.

Those were the two times that Barcia accepted the option of advancing on the scoreboard, and from the start, Sergio’s team responded with a little trick to the occasion when Cotro finished with a header in eight minutes. Der Stegen’s shortcut.

There is no variation

Rhythmless, unsteady and without fluid in their football, the Porcia team went to rest with an obvious concern and the need to recover emotions in the second half as they attended Messi’s speech in the dynamic room tunnel.

“It has to be removed somehow, and if it’s not going to give us more trouble, we have to give it more gear,” the captain warned his teammates before returning to the field … However, feelings have rarely changed.

Koman distinguished the system, advancing to de Jong, restructuring the team and showing a slight improvement, however, to the surprise of Valladolid, although they were far behind in hiring, as they had been active in the first place. Not forgetting to look for a counter, Masip left just before the show against Tempel, as he gave Olasa a chance …

Increasingly irresponsible and insecure, Parsia quarterback, without organization and without patience, surrendered in search of revolution in the final match that ousted Oscar Plano and Valladolid from the start, with Trinco and Pride White first or Ilex entering. To embrace surprise.

Sergio’s team did it until their last breath, until a center from Frankie de Jong touched him to the side by Arazo, Tempele appeared, the most unruly of all, to punish with the nearby Howitzer, small on top of the area, which gave Parsia a gold win on their most embarrassing night.

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