128 points and 43 assists!

128 points and 43 assists!

The Canadian national team swept Lebanon in its second match in the 2023 World Cup with a 128-73 victory, and Jordy Fernandez’s men equaled the number recorded in the World Cup at all, and they provided 43 assists, which is a new record in the history of the tournament.

RJ Barrett was the leading scorer for his team with 17 points in just 20 minutes of play. He was loaned by Trey Bill Haynes with 15 goals and Melvin Eggim with 13 goals.

The Knicks guard took a step forward after his first game against France in which he had just 5 points. He concluded with a 7/12 shot from the field. He distributed 3 assists and had 1 steal of the ball. For his part, teammate Bill Haynes let up 8 assists and added as many as nine Canadian double-digit scorers.

In Lebanon, the most prominent of them was Omri Spielman, with 16 points. Followed by Karim Zeinoun and Ali Hadar, with 15 and 11 points, respectively.

On the third and final day of this first stage of the group stage, Canada will face Latvia on August 29, which currently has a win and a loss in the absence of its prominent star Christaps Porzingis, who was absent at the last moment due to plantar fasciitis. .

(Cover photo: Mike Ehrman/Getty Images)

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