“Look how hungry he is in here.”

“Look how hungry he is in here.”

Written by Kupita Naw ~ Saturday August 26, 2023

This weekend, horrific images of the extreme poverty experienced by the Cuban people are reaching social networks.

A video clip posted in cyberspace shows a group of people collecting bananas from a container, while one of them tells the event in astonishment.

“Look at this, mister, these bananas will be thrown into the trash and people will pick them up,” says the Cuban who filmed the unfortunate scene with regret.

“Look at the hunger here. Check this out. What disrespect. Look out for it. I’ve never seen it, sir,” he adds, touched by the incident.

In the background someone can be heard saying, “Upload it to Facebook,” as the group collects bananas from the trash and puts them in bags. }

“How awful”; “The fruits of communism”; “The revolution will remove even the garbage cistern”; “They believed in the representative democracy that Castro told them, let them take it now”; “Speechless,” was the reaction of some users.

However, the publication does not indicate where and when the video was documented.

The misery of the Cuban people is increasing. This week, singer La Dioza sent a strong message to the Venezuelan Nacho, denouncing the suffering of the Cubans.

La Diosa newspaper wrote: “Nacho said the artists should go to Cuba to bring joy to that city, they can’t leave them alone in sadness, that’s basically what he said, he wants them to put joy on the plate.” with the video.

The singer told her colleague: “Nacho, Cubans may have been the happiest people in the world, but Cubans have lost their joy because of the dictatorship that today makes them hungry and needy.”

He added: “Do not go to Cuba to see Varadero and the hotels, go to Cuba and enter a Cuban house and open the refrigerator and see the reality of Cuba.”

“The Cubans do not need a festival to be happy, as you say, and they do not need artists to go and bring joy,” he said. “The Cubans need a government that cares for them and provides them with food and medicine.”

“There are many problems we have there, it is not a festival or a concert that will solve the problem in Cuba. Remember what I told you, go to Cuba and open Cuba’s fridge, anyone….”

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