17 of the 20 highest-paid players in the NBA will watch the episode on TV

17 of the 20 highest-paid players in the NBA will watch the episode on TV

The top eight teams in the NBA are heading into the final stretch in their battle for a spot in the conference finals In the second round of the playoffs, in which he is attracting strong attention Seven of the 10 highest-paid teams and 17 of the 20 highest-paid players in the league are missinggold-plated franchises and multi-million dollar stars who will have to settle for watching on television who takes the ring.

The 17 richest are outside the qualifiers

  • Stephen Curry Warriors 51.9
  • Kevin Durant Suns 47.6
  • LeBron James Lakers 47.6
  • Joel Embiid Sixers 47.6
  • Bradley Beal Suns 46.7
  • Kawhi Leonard Clippers 45.6
  • Paul George Clippers 45.6
  • G Antetokounmpo Bucks 45.6
  • Damian Lillard Bucks 45.6
  • Jimmy Butler Heat 45.1
  • Klay Thompson Warriors 43.2
  • Fred VanVleet Rockets 40.8
  • Anthony Davis Lakers 40.6
  • Bring on the Young Hawks 40
  • Tobias Harris Sixers 40
  • Zach LaVine Bulls 40
  • Ben Simmons Nets 37.8
  • *Salary in millions of dollars annually

In team sports, In general, money usually makes clear differences In their aspirations. The higher the budget, the greater the possibilities of fighting for noble goals and especially for titles. But in the NBA, that axiom isn't always true. In fact, it rarely happens that the teams with the highest salary block are the ones that go the farthest. No, money does not guarantee success in any way.

Getting a bigger salary does not guarantee success

this chapter, Of the 10 franchises with more to pay salaries, only three made it to the second round From the qualifiers: Boston Celticsfifths ($185,682,281 million), Denver NuggetsAnd the sixth (181,922,992) and Cleveland Cavaliers, tenths (166,874,287). The first four are already out. The richest teams in the NBA, Golden State Warriors (209,351,737) did not even qualify to play in the playoffs.

Perks with higher salaries

  • 1 Golden State Warriors 209,354,737
  • 2 Los Angeles Clippers 202.205.014
  • 3 Phoenix Suns 193,838,882
  • 4 Milwaukee Bucks 187,346,674
  • 5 Boston Celtics* 185,682,281
  • 6 Denver Nuggets* 181,922,992
  • 7 Miami Heat 177,143,542
  • 8 Los Angeles Lakers 169,934,920
  • 9 New Orleans Pelicans 167,403,924
  • 10 Cleveland Cavaliers* 166,874,287
  • 11 Dallas Mavericks* 166,755,884
  • 13 Minnesota Tea Wolves* 166,334,327
  • 14 New York Knicks* 166,273,558
  • 19 Oklahoma C. Zunder* 160,695,875
  • 25 Indiana Pacers* 148,472,330
  • * In the second round of the qualifiers

In the first round Los Angeles Clipperssecond with the highest wage bill (202,205,014), Phoenix SunsThird (193,834,882) and Milwaukee Bucks fourth (187,346,674). no Miami Heatthe seventh (177,143,542), Los Angeles LakersVIII (169,934,920) and New Orleans Pelicans (167,403,924).

A worthy role for the “poor” Thunder and Pacers.

In this scenario, season Oklahoma City Thunder (Leaders of the Western Conference) and their presence in the second round with Nineteenth place in the wage bill ranking (160,695,875). Or from Indiana PacersThe twenty-fifth (148,472,330), that is, about 61 million less than the leaders the Warriors.

The Pacers, who are ranked 25th in payroll, advance to the second round of the playoffs.

no, In the NBA, one plus one never equals two. If the amount of the franchisees’ wage bill does not truly equate to the sporting results, It's also not a guarantee of anything to have the highest-paid players in the league on your payroll.. Both parameters are interrelated. The more money, the easier it is to sign stars. These teams' failures drag down their multi-million dollar bonus players. Or vice versa.

Only one of the 10 highest-paid players is in the second round

In reality, Only one of the 10 highest-paid players is in the second round of the playoffs: Nikola Jokic ($47.6 million per season), from the Nuggets, the current NBA champions and favorites. Only three of the 20 highest-paid players still have options to compete on the track In addition to the Serbian center: the French from Wolves Rudy Gobert (41 million) in thirteenth place. And the Slovenian from the Mavericks Luka Doncic (40 million). It seems no coincidence that they are three of Europe's biggest stars. And in Conference finals The number will be reduced by at least one, as in a direct duel between them Jokic or Gobert will be ruled out.

Nikola Jokic and Luka Doncic are two of the three among the 20 highest-paid people fighting for the ring.

It was a glaring case of higher wages, Stephen Curry (51.9) which was dragged down by a terrible campaign before the Warriors He didn't even make the playoffs. They are not in the second round either. Kevin Durant, LeBron James no Joel Embiid (The three with 47.6), and no Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Lillard (The four with 45.6). no Jimmy Butler (45.1), Klay Thompson (43.2), Fred Fav Fleet (40.8), Anthony Davis (40.6), Trae Young, Tobias Harris, and Zach LaVine (40) and Ben Simmons (37.8).

Curry and LeBron, two of the three highest paid (along with Durant) are already out of the playoffs.

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