America de Cali: Elvis Mosquera is a new promotion at the request of Juan Carlos Osorio | Colombian football | Betplay League

America de Cali: Elvis Mosquera is a new promotion at the request of Juan Carlos Osorio |  Colombian football |  Betplay League

This Tuesday, left-back Elvis Mosquera, one of the players who were among coach Juan Carlos Osorio’s requests for America de Cali managers, is expected to be in the capital, Valle del Cauca.

The information was confirmed to FUTBOLRED by Jaime Elías Quintero, president of Santander Club. “America takes an incredible person, this boy is completely given to his family, and now as a footballer I hope he plays for the team, because he has given us so much. I don’t like clipping the wings of anyone in the group, anyone who has another choice, well done. Elvis hurts me, but this is it The truth is, everything has its beginning and its end. As a person he is incredible and a very compliant player.”

Mosquera has been with the Canary team from the start of the year until now and has always been a constant in the starting line-up. “He’s nice, a left-back, but he mediates well with both files, and I hope he performs like here. He’s a brand player, when he’s asked to go and there’s a player who opens up space for him, goes to the line, makes a good jump, presses and passes well,” he said. Jaime Elias: “He’s a good player.”

“I spoke to him this afternoon, but I told him to come early tomorrow to say goodbye to the group before flying to Cali,” Quintero added, ‘Don’t leave without saying goodbye. “Then he will come to Cali to take exams and settle everything with America.”

The manager confirmed that the player will pay the money to Bucaramanga, certainly with a contribution from America. “I don’t know what negotiations he had with them, he wanted to be there and when you do things with the will it goes well for you,” said Bumangués’ boss.

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Mosquera is 30 and made his debut in 2010 with Santa Fe, but has also been in Águilas Doradas, Equidad, Envigado, Medellín, Once Caldas and Bucaramanga. Internationally he played the South American Cup.

With Mosquera there will be four new mergers from America for the process started by Juan Carlos Osorio, since joining Jorge Segura, David Lemos – who had an injury yesterday in practice and diagnostic photos will be taken to see how dangerous it is – and Larry Angulo, awaiting right-back, mixed midfielder. A striker with a goal.

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