2007 Honda Accord Battery Battery Size and Price Guide

2007 Honda Accord Battery Battery Size and Price Guide

Maintain your Honda Accord with a new 2007 Honda Accord battery. Explore this price guide to find helpful information about purchasing and installing a new battery for your car. Prepare for this straightforward maintenance task to avoid starting issues and keep your electronics safely powered.

Honda Accord Battery Price Guide

Honda Accord batteries vary in price between $80 and $325, depending on the size, brand and warranty. An affordable battery may only have a one-year warranty and lower CCA. For a more reliable investment, consider a battery with a three-year warranty and highly rated performance features.

Tools Need For a Battery Change

If your Honda Accord battery is over three years old or experiencing performance issues, it may be time for a replacement task. The exact tools you need depend on the type of fastener on your Honda Accord, so gather these to be sure you have the right tool for the job:

  • Socket set
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves
  • Dielectric grease

How To Properly Install Your Battery

Start your installation process by parking your Accord on a flat surface in a dry, well-lit area. You’re going to be working in the engine compartment, so wait until it’s fully cooled to open the hood and locate the battery.

Wearing your safety gear, find the negative battery terminal and attached cable. It should be painted gray or black, or left unpainted. This cable needs to be loosened, removed and left away from the battery first.

After removing this cable, turn to the positive terminal and cable. These often have red paint, a positive symbol and a plastic cover to avoid contact. This is because you could experience an electric shock if you touch the positive cable while both cables are still connected to the battery. Remove the positive cable at this point.

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Look for a restraint or cover that’s holding your automotive battery in place. This needs to be removed before you can pull the Accord battery off the battery plate.

Place the new battery in position, secure it with the same system and connect the cables. Always connect the positive battery cable first, then the negative cable. This helps you avoid electrocution and damage to your automotive battery.

Types of Car Batteries

Shopping for car batteries can feel overwhelming without the help of a trusted technician or online store. Once you find the correct size of battery for your Accord, you still need to compare types for reliable performance:

While deep cycle batteries are typically reserved for recreational camping and boating equipment, the other types of batteries are all popular for use in cars. Explore the pros and cons of each type using product descriptions, customer reviews and the assistance of a customer service agent to get the most out of your battery replacement.

Find Honda Accord Batteries Today

Explore battery types, accessories and other maintenance parts today. Whether you prefer shopping online or at a local auto parts store, be sure you find a highly rated Accord battery to keep your car driving safely and reliably.

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