Neymar and Messi will play together again in Barcelona: Ney’s former agent

Neymar and Messi will play together again in Barcelona: Ney’s former agent

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Former Representative Neymar Has provided some statements that have done more than excite fans Barcelona. That’s it Andre Curie He firmly believes he will play with the Brazilian Lionel Messi Because it was simply something he wanted, but not only that, but he said they would happen in the Catalan box.

Although this situation may seem impossible due to the current financial situation of the Cule Club, Andre Curie, Who has served as a Catalan observer for ten years, explained that Brazil would return to Spain with simple pleasure.

Neymar has opened the doors to Barcelona, The Coolies knew he had done something wrong, and after a while he himself recognized it. I have been in Barcelona for ten years and I know every corner of the city. Neymar I will be very happy to go to Barcelona.

“Only Laborda can reunite them. Messi is not going to leave Barcelona. He decided that his story should be in Barcelona and I am very clear about that. If Neymar plays with Messi again, it will be in BarcelonaThe agent said in a statement to Brazilian newspapers.

Neymar had already asked him to come back

குரி He explained that a few years ago they were close to completing the Brazilian relocation PSG Al Barcelona, But there were some details that finally prevented it.

“Two years ago, Neymar asked me to return to Barcelona, ​​we tried and we were very close To take it out of Paris, but to the details it did not happen, “he concluded.

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