2022 MLB Draft Predictions: Where Could The Top Prospects End Up

2022 MLB Draft Predictions: Where Could The Top Prospects End Up


The success of every sport hugely depends on the induction of new talents. Sports teams usually rely on new prospects to take over from the old and experienced players. Most times, identifying new players and hiring them could be quite tasking as coaches and administrators go through the process of scouting, drafting, and training them before shaping them into the finished products they require.

Things are not difficult in Major League Baseball (MLB). With the 2022 Draft coming up, the league is looking to welcome new talents into its fold. Besides strengthening weak teams and giving the strong ones a challenging opponent, the draft also promotes sports betting, with hundreds of punters taking part in MLB betting to determine which teams draft which prospect.

A lot can change between now and the 2022 MLB Draft, but we can afford guesses about which prospects could get taken at the top of the draft. While it’s impossible to know with 100% certainty where players will be drafted, here are some wild guesses:

  1. Drew Jones

Drew Jones is currently one of the top-rated prospects who play the outfielder position and is a great fielder with a good bat and a strong arm. He’s also an excellent base runner with a 60 raw power rate. He plays the best defensive center fielder in the draft and might be the best prospect as he tops the chart.

Jones’ gameplay is impressive for an 18-year-old high school shortstop from the University of Michigan. While his swings need more work, his strong lower half and athletic fluid cover him up.

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With the Baltimore Orioles getting the first pick, they might gun for Jones as their first-round choice. However, since this talented player is wanted by many, we cannot correctly guess which team will eventually pick him.

  1. Termarr Johnson

Termarr Johnson is a shortstop from the University of North Carolina, and he’s one of the best players in this year’s draft. While he’s not as highly touted as some other prospects in this draft class, he has been getting the attention of the boards of many teams throughout the spring with his amazing performances.

Johnson is a switch hitter who bats left-handed and throws right-handed; his strongest asset is his ability to hit for average with gap power potential. Although it may take some time and great coaching before his skills translate into that of a top-class professional baseball player, he is expected to make it. Here’s a wild guess – he might end up with the Miami Marlins due to his fluidity while hitting balls – it’s a skill set the franchise greatly needs right now.

  1. Gavin Cross

Gavin Cross is a left-handed pitcher from the University of Texas who has a fastball in the low-to-mid 90s. He also throws a slider and changeup, and he could go anywhere from the first to fourth rounds.

If Cross does well at the 2022 MLB Draft, any team that needs help with pitching staff could pick him up. The New York Yankees are looking for another starter after losing Luis Severino to an injury last season; they might want someone like Gavin Cross if he’s available for their first-round pick.

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But let’s say the Yankees don’t take him first overall—there are four other teams with pitchers who need help – Seattle Mariners (James Paxton), Chicago Cubs (Cole Hamels), Los Angeles Dodgers (Walker Buehler), and Boston Red Sox (David Price). These teams would love some fresh talent on their roster, so they may grab him before New York gets a chance!

  1. Brandon Barriera

Brandon Barriera is a shortstop from the University of Florida. He is a left-handed hitter and an excellent fielder with great range and instincts at shortstop. He is already projected as an above-average defender at the Major League level.

The player has shown the power to all fields in college, but his swing plane suggests he will need to create more loft to hit more home runs against professional pitching. It may come naturally as he gains experience, but it will be something that scouts watch closely during his first few seasons in professional baseball.

The best-case scenario for Barriera is that he develops into an All-Star caliber player similar to Addison Russell, who was also drafted out of Florida by the Cubs in 2012. In that respect, teams like Cleveland (who have had success with high school shortstops) or New York Mets might be interested in adding Barriera to their farm system because they could offer him valuable playing time.


The 2022 MLB Draft promises to be an exciting event. The top prospects are set for big paydays, and major league teams are using their picks to gather talented players.

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No doubt, the draft is the best way to get some of the best players in baseball, so it’s no surprise that it’s such a hotly contested event every year. While there are always surprises during the events, it’s an anticipated season amongst fans and bettors, and we believe the prospects listed above will get their big moves.


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