2023 NBA Playoffs: Curry’s victory and acquittal: “They say Green has history, and so do we: We know how to win”

2023 NBA Playoffs: Curry’s victory and acquittal: “They say Green has history, and so do we: We know how to win”

32 wins out of 442 times. Is it A terrible balance when a team loses 0-2 in the playoffs. Almost impossible challenge, extreme difficulty. It is one of the Golden State Warriors, the team that changed the game from the trilogy. And this started with the first The fighting stone that gets into a hero’s DNA. Toppled (114-97) Kings In the third game, the first in San Francisco Bay.

A victory that cannot be missed. Losing games at home is sure to sink them in, and with that Stephen Curry, still at MVP level – something his teammates haven’t – left the Kings no choice Misty over home. Curry left 36 points, 6 triples (6/12), 6 rebounds, 6 assists and 12/25 shooting. He is the leader and he knows it. He does not hesitate to offer him emotional support. “They said Draymond Green has a record. So do we: we know how to winFinally admitted. Greetings to his arrested partner. He promised to return.

They said Draymond Green has a record. We too: we know how to win


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The icing on the cake is a perfect match. In the first half (53-41) they already dominated their usual rhythm from outside, because Klay Thompson and Curry, boards where Looney wreaks havoc (20 total rebounds) and a quick transition to a defensive attack, with more skill in clear passes. The usual warriors. And this year when they play at home.

And despite Daron Fox’s brilliance (26 points) and his persistence every time the Warriors threatened defeat, The truth was clear. Every time Carrie speeded up, his reaction time wore out. Fighter from the outside, able to get in If I had to change the strategy. This is how he stood in the last quarter (93-77, 37 minutes) with a hat-trick to start and leave behind any reaction from the Kings.

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Klay Thompson’s three-pointers in the fourth quarter shut down Golden State’s first. The first stone in the resurrection of heroes. Ahead of them, the history, the enduring and clear criticism of their defensive fortress, Draymond Green and some of the Kings did a great job in their first two games. But if anyone can, it’s the one who’s been dominating the NBA scene lately.

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