More than a decade in Cuba to convert buildings into homes

More than a decade in Cuba to convert buildings into homes

Ciego de Ávila’s housing directorate took more than ten years to convert 23 apartments into an abandoned building, according to a note published by the same county newspaper.

As specified in the Invasor report, phase one began in November 2018 and ended in December 2019. However, “it’s been four years since all of this was written on the label” without the work being completed.

The building in question is located in the first kilometer on the borders of Circunvalación Sur, which currently remains an abandoned building. This office space will be used as accommodation for the workers who are still awaiting the final outcome of this long process.

Eddy de la Pera Diaz, an investor from the Municipal Housing Directorate, commented on the aforementioned outlet that “a building with 20 apartments, if it is built, is completed within a year, and even more so that it is not at zero, what happened there He has no explanation.”

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employees They explained Several factors influenced the delay, such as the passage of Hurricane Irma and then the impact of the pandemic. In addition, that building’s business book was lost along with other documents on the move.

“There is money, housing has agreed to invest about 34 million pesos for the year and all the resources are there, even the bathrooms for this building. On our part, there are no difficulties,” said Yoel Martinez Ramos, construction director of UEB, relinquishing his responsibilities.

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Meanwhile, one of the building’s future residents, Mario Orlando Vázquez Alonso, is no longer confident he will be able to take delivery of his house by the end of this year: “I think so when I see it, because many have said and for a long time, that no we still feel taken advantage of. We are still affected.”

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